Music Festival Do’s and Don’ts.

A Guide to all of the Major Do’s and Don’ts at a Music Festival.

One of the best things to look forward to over the summer months is going to a music festival. Whether it’s your favourite boozer hosting its annual local band fest, one of the many iconic British festivals like Glasto or T in The Park, or one of the exotic Croatian islands hosting all of your favourite DJ’s on the beach; its the perfect setting to have a good knees up with your friends. Here at B Sunglasses we’ve been searching the internet as well as looking back on past experience to bring to you some of the best things you can get up to at a festival, and some of the things you really should not do. For example; flying a giant flag in Glastonbury so all of your friends know exactly where to find you… that’s a ‘do’. However, deciding to try and pitch your tent AFTER you’ve been partying all day and are caked in mud… that is a major ‘Don’t’.


Take Cleaning essentials.


Let’s face it, you’re going to get grubby at a festival. It’s part and parcel of the whole experience. But there is nothing worse than that constant feeling of dirt, made apparent as you dive in to your cheese sandwich and notice all of that mud/ who knows what tucked in to your finger nails. I’d like to take this moment to personally thank hand sanitizer for making my last festival experience so much better after it cleansed me so well on a daily basis. Hand sanitizer, you are my hero. What is also important to remember is that at the end of your day, brushing your teeth and washing your face with soap will feel like you’ve just spent a week at a spa retreat in the Maldives.

Look at the timetables.


One of the biggest decisions you have to make at any festival is the sacrifice of seeing one of your favourite bands for another. Or if you plan to see one act make sure you leave enough time to wander through the festival to the stage, otherwise you risk missing it. It is also important to work out who everyone you’re with wants to see the most, and whether or not you’re going to stick together or split up when a conflict of interest arises.

Get Your Face Painted

Sounds a bit childish I know, but there is nothing better than when the sun goes down and you’re raving away with your friends and the strobe lights are dancing off your multi-coloured faces. Or alternatively get hold of some glow sticks; sometimes events will give them out to you like when Coldplay headlined Glastonbury Festival this year, it looked amazing!

Bring snacks, lots of them!

Food at festivals is notoriously expensive, so the best thing to do is purchase one meal a day at one of the exotic, pop up food stalls and then snacking on crisps, sandwiches, chocolate bars and fruit for the rest of the time. This will save you lots of money and serves as a perfect midnight treat for when you get back to your tent at night with a case of the munchies.


Peak too soon.
The above video is an example of why you shouldn’t go too crazy the moment you arrive at a festival, because by around 8pm you’ll be in no fit state to see any of your favourite bands, or at least remember any of them. The festival is less a sprint and more a marathon, so polishing off your bottle of Vodka before you’ve even got off the bus is going to end with you face down, dribbling in to your poncho.

Wear your best shoes.

We’ve all been there. The excitement before you head to a festival normally involves scouring the internet for hours on end for some new shorts and sunglasses. But only a fool takes a fresh pair of sneakers to a festival with them.. don’t be that fool. When your going to be bouncing around on your feet all day, make sure you take a pair of beaters that you don’t mind getting rid of at the end, or go one better with a nice pair of wellies.

Snapchat your entire weekend.

Although you probably won’t listen to this. The video phone phenomenon is becoming such a problem at music events that Apple themselves are toying with the idea of disabling the video cameras at gigs. While you want to show all of your friends how much fun you are having recording your favourite artist you’ve been waiting to see your whole life, surely it would be better just fully immerse yourself in the moment? I find it even more bizarre the amount of people that spend almost an entirety of a gig Snapchatting instead of watching and dancing. Not only do all the videos only last 30 seconds before they vanish forever, but most people won’t even pay any attention to the videos anyway. OK rant over.

Forget where your tent is

When you are trawling back through the dirt after the best night of your life, the last thing you need is to discover you have forgotten exactly where you pitched your tent. The vast, sprawling ocean of nylon is a cruel mistress when it’s dark and you have had a long day, so make sure you acknowledge a few noticeable landmarks near where you are pitching before you set off.

And Finally… Don’t Forget Your Sunglasses.

Yeah, I know. We would say that. But it’s true. Sunglasses are THE essential item for anyone going to a festival. Not only do they serve to protect your eyes from the sun, they also come in handy to make you look good and give off the illusion that you are still somewhat fresh faced after three days partying in a field.
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