Mother’s Day Mini Breaks


It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and what better way to thank your mum for putting up with you every day than to whisk her away for some tlc. We’ve got some ideas for a little getaway that are sure to remind all our mums just how special they are.


Treat your mum with the dazzling lights of a West End show and dinner with a view in the capital. Musicals such as Wicked, The Lion King, Mamma Mia and Matilda will without a doubt provide that feel-good entertainment and give your mum a chance to sing her heart out.

Alternatively, opt for a more traditional show at The Globe Theatre on the South Bank. The reconstructed Shakespeare’s Globe gives you the experience of what it was like to stand among the rabble and be immersed in the circular, open air theatre and its drama. Productions here are fantastic and range from some of Shakespeare’s best-loved plays to works of other of his contemporary writers. On Mother’s Day this year the Globe is showing a production of Othello, one of the most dramatic and fast-moving of Shakespeare’s plays.

Following a show, whiz up to a bar or restaurant at a great height, and dine with a view of the city. Sky Garden is the tallest riverside venue, and offers sweeping views of the urban lights below and fine food from the Fenchurch rooftop restaurant. Sky Garden are offering a variety of Mother’s day packages this year such as brunch, afternoon tea or dinner. End the night sipping on cocktails in Sky Garden or in one of the riverside bars below, London is a gold mine for glamorous cocktail bars with glitzy decor.


Spa Day.

It seems a pretty obvious way to thank your mum for all she’s given you by having her pampered and left feeling completely chilled, but that doesn’t make it any less special. Country escapes everywhere offer an idyllic haven where you can seclude yourself from every day life. Packages include massages, facials, steam rooms, nails, skin scrubs, champagne and afternoon tea. Plus they always provide those towelling robes that somehow immediately make you feel like royalty.

Whether it’s in the British countryside or in the sunny hills of Italy or Spain, you’ll treat your mum to the pampering she deserves.

Escape Rooms.

If your mum isn’t in to the pampering and desires a little more of a brain teaser then a day at the Escape Rooms is perfect. The earliest escaped room began in 2006 and has taken off ever seen and become successful all over the world. The activity is a physical adventure game based on the video games- ‘escape the room.’ You get locked in a room and have to use the puzzles and hints inside the room to escape within the time limit.

Games vary from Sherlock Holmes, to Taken, prison cells, space stations and even the Da Vinci Code. The games are exciting and can be found in Japan, America, China, Europe, all over England and elsewhere.

Cherry Blossoms.

Now this requires a bigger budget than the other options, especially if you’re going from Europe because flights prices tend to be high. Having said that, the cherry blossoms in Japan in March are iconic. The cherry blossoms that beautifully adorn Japan have been the subject of art and poetry for centuries. Pink is everywhere as retailers tailor their shops and displays to match the stunning surroundings.

The flowers are culturally extremely symbolic, the represent the beauty of the fleeting nature of life. They symbolise new beginnings and regrowth. Tokyo is a good jumping off point for Japan, and depending how long you stay for its also breath-taking down in the South for seeing the blossoms bloom.

Barcelona Beer Festival.

For those of you with mums who like to party with you then you’re in luck because this year the beer festival in Barcelona falls over Mother’s day weekend. The festival will be held this year at La Farga en Hospitalet de Llobregat and will have a selection of beers from around the globe as well as a bunch of delicious food stalls. Barcelona is a fantastic city to explore for a couple of days and there is so much to do. A beautiful beach, great museums, the Gaudi park and an abundance of tapas and wine.

The atmosphere will be lively from the beer festival and it’s never going to displease your mum to give her the chance of basking in the Spanish sun and taking in the cities enchanting culture.


A little something extra.

For a trip away, whether its in the bright sunshine of Japan or London, your mum’s going to need some new sunglasses.

Glitter Detail Cateye Sunglasses in Transparent Grey by Valentino.
Glitter Detail Cateye Sunglasses in Transparent Grey by Valentino.

The new collection by Valentino is stunning and these glitter detail cateye sunglasses are the perfect piece of luxury to spoil your mum this Mother’s day.


Samantha Sunglasses in Black by Tom Ford.
Samantha Sunglasses in Black by Tom Ford.

Also new to our site are the Samantha sunglasses by Tom Ford, they’re striking and chic and fit for the most stylish mums.

Keyhole Round Sunglasses in Dark Havana by Moncler.
Keyhole Round Sunglasses in Dark Havana by Moncler.

For the vintage look, these Moncler sunglasses in round lens are stunning and the Havana colour scheme compliments any outfit.

For more treats for your mum this year head to our site and explore our range of women’s glasses and sunglasses.

Where have you taken your mum on mother’s day before? Share your memories in the comments below or tweet us at @B Sunglassesunglasses.