Milan Fashion Week | Highlights

We’re over half way through fashion month, and with Milan out the way we thought we would go over some of the highlights from this week’s runway shows. From Fendi’s turquoise, peach and navy pieces to Moschino’s let’s just say interesting array of garments, there was something for everybody.


Fendi definitely pulled it off this year with turquoise knee high boots, navy fur coats with of course their signature monster eyes on, which have made an appearance on many a fluffy keyring in the last few months.  Their stripy tailed fur coats went down a treat along with their puffball skirts and frilly-edged pinafores. As for their accessories what more could you want than a huge fluffy handbag, so huge it was nearly the size of a small suitcase, but we can’t possibly complain about that.

Dolce and Gabbana

Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana definitely stuck to their traditions, shapes and styles in this seasons show. A line shift dresses, military jackets and a hint of fifties glamour were just a few of the stylish garments they shared to the world. Along with Cinderella in a blue glitter gown, Sleeping Beauty wearing a dress covered in shards of mirrored glass, and Snow White in a signature red dress with embroidered dwarves all over it. Could it get any more magical?



Moschino’s new season hash-tag went by #ITSLIT. Nobody was really sure about what it stood for or what it may reference, but it was all unravelled once everybody was in the venue and witnessed what was an interesting display to say the least. An old church hall, chairs placed at obscure angles, a crushed up grand piano, heading towards not so smart chandelier. Let’s just say in reality it would be seen as a messed up world but obviously, it being a Moschino show made it all quite understandable.

As for the clothes, modelled on grim-faced models, were some what…unique. From long black leather gloves, fishnet tights, and oversized biker boots, to mini denim hot-pants, slogan t-shirts, and skirts with a good old 80’s train. It was definitely a show to remember.


moschino photo

Giorgio Armani

With Italy being Armani’s biggest market it was the perfect time for Armani himself to show off his collection to the thousands. There was plenty of black velvet garments from waistcoats, to suit jackets, even trousers in all different shapes and sizes paired with tweed  jackets to tone it down a little.

Androgynous suits were a massive trend in this runway show, dressed down with a simple jacket and wide-legged trousers and dressed up with a peplum style top, lace jackets and sweeping velvet capes. Which one would you choose?

Photo by Ocean Walk Marketing Inc

What was you favourite show? Let us know in the comments.