Men’s Fashion Week London Spring/Summer 2018

It’s that time of year again; Men’s Fashion Week has kicked off starting in London. With a lot of bad things happening in the UK Capital at the moment, the shows are a welcome rest bite for people wanting to forget events in recent weeks, if only briefly. As usual, the real action was outside many of the show venues. A great display of street style was on show on some of London’s coolest customers. We take you through what you can expect to see for Spring/Summer 2018 based on what was presented at the shows.

Slim fit is no more


For quite some time now the slim fitting garments of the world have been dominating both the high fashion and high street worlds. This year there has been a noteable shift in slim fitting items, which is likely to be due to the nostalgic 90’s trend flying around. Well, it looks like most designers have completely scrapped slim fitting items for next summer and have replaced them with more heavy duty, relaxed fits. We have seen this done by many designers, but one brand that certainly stands out is Paul Smith. The British band always stays true to their roots yet consciously current, something that is also true for the latest collection of Paul Smith sunglasses.

Classic is still cool

Many of the sunglasses on show at Men’s Fashion Week London still keep to traditionally classic styles. The wayfarer style sunglasses are seen across the board for both men and women, with different designers adding their own creative flare to them. One new style that we have seen is the flash mirror lens. Ray-Ban® Sunglasses are the pioneers in this area, with their whole new Blaze collection featuring some amazingly bright mirror colours.

Round Specs

A lot of the looks we saw at Men’s Fashion Week London were finished off by a nice pair of vintage inspired round glasses. The look adds a real classical look to an otherwise contemporary outfit, and can be seen on men in pristinely cut suits or a tracksuit; either works. You can either work with an oversized round frame or a more understated metal-rimmed frame. One particular model we enjoy for this season is from Paul Smith, who offer round glasses in both silver and black metal frames as well as a slightly more chunky tortoiseshell.

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