Meet Neville – Marc Jacobs’ Dog

Meet Marc Jacobs’ dog. Neville Jacobs has become something of a hit sensation across social media, and we love him. The dog is so popular amongst the Instagram community that he has his own page, and has accumulated over 200 thousand followers. That’s right; a dog has 200 thousand human followers. The designers pooch has risen to such a high status of fame that he now even has his own book out.

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An internet sensation

Neville is often seen adorning an array of ultra-fashionable clothes. The Bull Terrier is likely looking a lot more stylish than me or you right now, which makes sense since his owner is one of the most reputable high-end fashion designers of this generation. Neville has even been seen on occasion wearing some Marc Jacobs Sunglasses, which we certainly give the thumbs up to.
It seems a lot of celebs have been dying to meet Marc Jacobs’ dog, Neville has been rubbing shoulders with some pretty famous people such as Kendall Jenner on her 21st birthday. Various footage has shown crowds of people eager to express their love for Neville, and can be heard shouting ‘Oh my god it’s Marc Jacobs’ Dog’ completely ignoring the fact Marc himself is walking Neville at the time.

Neville seen posing with Kendall Jenner

The most fashionable dog we know

But it’s not all about Neville, recently the pup has helped launch The Sato Project; a charity that is dedicated to rescuing and helping abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico’s “Dead Dog Beach”. With help from his owner, Neville plans to expand the charity to have a large impact on the dogs of Puerto Rico, something that has been completely overlooked for years.

The collection

We aren’t quite sure whether Neville’s Instagram page was a touch of marketing genius, or just simply a page set up by Marc Jacobs dedicated solely on Marc Jacobs’ dog, for the pleasure of Marc Jacobs. Either way it has elevated Neville to unexpected celebrity status while also giving Marc another platform in which he can promote his latest collections. Speaking of which, we take a look at the latest collection of Marc Jacobs Sunglasses.

The Marc Jacobs 2017 summer campaign featured the daughter of rock legends Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love; Francis Bean Cobain. The campaign was a stark contrast to the bright and bold catwalk shows, and had a really relaxed, nonchalant feel to them. The model wore her own make-up and styled her own hair, giving the images a real down to earth feel.

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The collection itself plays with a variety of feminine shapes and a mix of subtle colourways. The collection is playful, yet stays incredibly wearable and stylish.
The colours used range from dusty pinks, to vibrant tortoise shell and deep navy blues, easy to pair with pretty much any outfit, and really show the youthful, New York aesthetic the designer is so well known for.


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