Introducing – Marshall Eyewear


In the early 1960s, a handful of brash British kids needed a new sound for a new kind of music. They marched into a music store in their blue-collar town and asked the gentleman behind the desk to build them an amplifier with leg-shaking power and jaw-dropping tone. So he did…

After a successful career as a drummer and teacher of drum technique, Jim Marshall first went into business in 1962 with a small shop in Hanwell, London. Selling drums, cymbals and drum-related accessories; Marshall himself also gave drum lessons. According to Jim,  the three main guitarists that came into his shop were Ritchie Blackmore (one of the founding members of Deep Purple), Big Jim Sullivan (one of the most in-demand studio musicians in the UK in the 60’s and 70’s) and Pete Townshend (Lead guitarist from The Who)… so not a bad customer repertoire then.
By telling him the sound and design they wanted, they pushed Marshall to make guitar amplifiers. Marshall Ltd. then expanded, hired designers and started making guitar amps that could compete with the best.


Since then Marshall has became synonymous among music lovers around the world, the brand’s legacy carried through the ‘Marshall Stack’, which started the competition with rock stars to see who could make the most noise at their live shows.

Marshall- Eyewear.

Having played a pivotal role in rock music’s sonic evolution over the past five decades, the Marshall sound has become the ‘sound of rock’, with the Marshall script logo and the ‘stack’ or half ‘stack’ being immediately recognizable the world over. To become such a global icon takes dedication, innovation and passion; a passion for making genre defining amps; a passion for music.

The behemoth of noise, now communicate a Rock Star Vision, with the launch of their debut eyewear collections across both the sun glass and optical frame categories.


True to the DNA of the iconic Marshall amps, the frames are all lovingly hand-made, with elements of design reflecting an array of identification with their products, past and present.

The collection; hand-crafted out of acetates and metals, with trims of leather accessorizing, combines the classic heritage styles of the past with the contemporary silhouettes of the present. The aviator, club-master, panto and wayfarer all get the Marshall once-over, with a range of chunky acetate flat tops embracing the new guard who are now defining the Rock Star Vision.

Marshall icons are all present in the spirit of the 60 piece range, represented through rock luminaries such as JIMI, JOEY, MICK, JACK, NEIL, NICO, LOU, KEITH, JOHNNY, BOB, BRYAN and not forgetting, AMY. All styles are available in both sunglass and optical frame options, demonstrating the broad ranging lifestyle appeal that Marshall endures. From the hedonistic festival fiend, to the thoughtful music aficionado, whether it night or day, work or play.



From the historical guitar enthusiast to the time worn roadie, the indie kids of today and the dj’s of the future, Marshall once again takes measures to amplify the lifestyle that we all really crave.



Now, we can all embrace, the Rock Star Vision.

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