Interview: Manpower

A Catch up with globally renowned DJ: Manpower.

Man Power 3 (Hi Res Available Upon Request)

‘Man Power is the production alias of UK born music maker Geoff Kirkwood. Initially conceived as an anonymous project in a bid to allow him to explore the limits of genres, the inevitable attachment of a real life identity has done nothing to stifle his dedication to bringing together disparate musical forms, to the delight of critics and fans alike.’

We caught up with Manpower last November to talk about the latest men’s sunglasses and music. It looks like he’s been pretty busy since then…

Last time we spoke it was November last year and you were working on a few records for various labels. Are there any records that have particularly stood out for you?

The latest release on STAMP has gone a bit crazy and topped the sales charts in pretty much every big record shop.

That was quite a surprise, considering I think it took about 2 hours to actually make.

It’s weird but when you’re making the music you ascribe its value based on how much work it took to make, but everyone else just cares about whether it makes them want to dance.

Man Power 4


You also mentioned taking steps towards releasing your second album, how has that been going?

Really well.

I’ve written all of the music, and I’m booked in to record it between August and October. There’s a lot of work left to do, but the hard bit, actually coming up with the musical ideas, is all done now.


Looking at your summer schedule we can see you are playing in various places around the world, where are you most looking forward to playing and why?

I always like Tel Aviv because of the food, but mainly I guess it’s at Love International festival in Croatia, as I have so many good friends who’ll be there.

Man Power 5

You obviously do a fair bit of travelling, what 3 things do you never do when travelling to a new place?

Order dinner for myself (the locals always know best).

Stay in a hotel without Wi Fi.

I make sure to at least learn please and thank you in the local language.


Man Power 2 (Hi Res Available Upon Request)

What has been your highlight of 2016 so far?

Playing Panorama Bar was a pretty big deal for me.

I’m getting married in October though, so having her say yes has to be the biggest highlight for me.


We understand you’ve just been playing at Glastonbury, it looked amazing! How does playing at a festival differ from playing club venues?

Traditionally you play for a shorter time at a festival, and people are all at different stages in their night (and day) out, so you usually go in a bit more hard at a festival, and keep the energy at its peak.


Man Power 1 (Hi Res Available Upon Request)

So with summer in full swing, name 5 tracks that are great when the sun is shining.

Summer Madness – Kool and The Gang

Woodstock – Matthews Southern Comfort

All I Need – Air

Cocomo – The Beach Boys

I Hear You Now – Jon and Vangelis


Away from the parties, what do you like to get up to on your days off?

Game of Thrones. Food. Sleep.


What tracks do you like to chill out to?

I’ve been hammering the new Radiohead Album to death.

What sunglasses will you be taking with you on your next tour?

I think I’ll be taking these Levis Keyhole Round Sunglasses in Clear Blue Mirror