A Look Inside DPD – The UK’s Leading Parcel Delivery Service

With more than 830 depots in over 40 countries, DPD has established itself as the leading force in parcel delivery. Even though DPD are currently setting the benchmark in how to get your parcel to you, they are still developing. We dive in to our choice for parcel delivery to show you just how good they really are.

Motor Transport Awards

DPD recently scored a hat-trick at this years’ Motor Transport Awards, taking home trophies in some pretty impressive categories. The awards that DPD took home included the highly contested Innovation Award,  the Home Delivery Operator of the Year award and for customer care. The company was founded in 1977 in Aschaffenburg, West Germany. In its first year of operation, over 1.4 million parcels were shipped. By 1980, this figure had risen to 7 million per year. Today, 2 million parcels are shipped every day. DPD was originally Deutscher Paketdienst until 2008 (meaning German Parcel Service), and then rebranded to “Dynamic Parcel Distribution”.

The DPD App

The parcel company recently unveiled their brand new App that can be used on most smart phones. The app comes with a huge variety of features and is likely to revolutionize parcel delivery. In the incredibly fast changing online shopping environment, it is increasingly important for all organisations effected by online shopping to be able to adapt to the rapid alternations in consumer needs.  Admittedly, the mobile app is not a new concept however it is the features that DPD include with the app which make it incredible.

Local DPD Pickup Shop

First and foremost, the app allows the consumer to personalise their delivery service massively. One particular service that they offer is the ability to find out where your nearest DPD pickup shop is, so you can guarantee your parcel will be delivered somewhere close to you should you be unavailable at the time. DPD has over 830 depots across Europe and even more local shops that have signed up to be a partner, so you shouldn’t have much of a job finding your local pickup shop.

30 Minutes Away

To make life a little easier, DPD will notify you via the app when your delivery driver is 30 minutes away from you. This means you can pop round to your friends house for that cup of tea without worrying about missing your eagerly awaited parcel.

Safe Place

You can let DPD know your secret safe place for them to leave your parcel, if you are not around to receive it yourself. This place is strictly confidential and only you and your driver will ever know. shh.

They will come back

DPD are on of the only parcel delivery services that will give you a second chance. Should you happen to miss your parcel, your driver will come back and try again if they know you are now at your place of delivery!

School Runnings

We all recognise that many of us have children. This is why you can opt in to the no school run option on the app, meaning that your driver will not attempt to deliver your parcel at the typical school run times, making it easier for you and your kids.

The app even syncs with your smart watch!

These new features make it even easier to get hold of your perfect sunglasses

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