Leonardo DiCaprio Announces Break From Acting

Leonardo Dicaprio has announced that he will take a break from acting for a short while as he is feeling worn out after filming three movies in the space of two year. However Dicaprio has said he doesn’t just plan on lying around a pool surrounded by countless women all day every day, he also plans on helping to change the world through several of his charitable and environmental organisations. DiCaprio has starred in the recently released, and Oscar nominated, Django Unchained while he also plays the lead role in The Great Gatsby which is scheduled for a May release and has collaborated once more with Martin Scorsese in the Wolf of Wall Street.

DiCaprio will leave a large leading man void during his hiatus from acting as he is one of the most sought after, not to mention one of the highest paid actors in the movie industry. Since his career skyrocketed when he played one of the lead characters in Titanic we have seen him take on varying roles, not allowing him to become typecast into playing certain characters resulting in some of the finest acting performances of his generation. Not just famous for his acting skills DiCaprio has been the face of countless fashion ad campaigns, but in his spare time he is rarely seen without his trademark sunglasses and hat combination.

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