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Versace has a long legacy of success, but also a sad history defined by turmoil. The tragic death of  Gianni Versace in 1997 shocked the fashion industry, and the world. The US series portraying this devastating loss is set to hit UK screens this week. We’re taking a look at these events, as well as welcoming some new fantastic Versace arrivals in honor of this creative fashion king.

The tragic story of Versace is about to foreground the media again. The hit US series, The Assassination of Gainni Versace: American Crime Story, is making its UK debut this week. Created by Glee’s Ryan Murphy, the series is a sequel to his critically-acclaimed drama The People vs OJ Simpson. The drama follows the tragic murder of fashion designer Versace by serial killer Andrew Cunanan. Versace was shot down outside his home in Miami Beach by the 27-year-old killer. He left a legacy behind and the series confronts this as well as the events of his murder.

Starring in the series are Edgar Ramirez (Versace), Penélope Cruz, Darren Criss and Ricky Martin. While the debut has been well anticipated, after being such a hit in the US, it has also sparked controversy in the media. Versace’s former partner Antonio D’Amico recently criticised the work for falsify information and inaccurately portraying their relationship. Before this, Versace’s family had also uttered their dislike for the show. They condemned both the show, and the book it was based on – Maureen Orth’s Vulgar Favours – for bearing little resemblance to reality.

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Photo by Phillip Pessar

One thing the show has got right though, remembering Versace for his contributions to the fashion world. As seen in the trailer, Donetalla (Cruz), pays tribute to Versace’s talents saying: “He was a creator, he was a genius, everything you see around us, this house, this company… I will not allow this man, this nobody, to kill my brother twice.”

Also picked up in show is the common mispronunciation of Versace. In an interview with Vogue this month, Donatella Versace revealed that a huge proportion of the fashion industry, and the world, pronounce her last name incorrectly. The eponymous brand’s name is in fact pronounced “Versach-eh”, rather than “Versach-ee” as commonly believed.

Honouring the longstanding work of Versace, we’re excited to welcome some brand new Versace arrivals this week.

Medusa Visor Pilot Sunglasses in Pale Gold Brown Gradient.
Medusa Visor Pilot Sunglasses in Pale Gold Brown Gradient.

These pilot sunglasses by Versace a contemporary and unique. The rimless, visor style frames are slick, and complete with stand-out Medusa logo detailing on the lenses. The cut-out lens detailing is striking and the pair will add glamour to any outfit.

V Strong Sunglasses in Black Pale Gold.
V Strong Sunglasses in Black Pale Gold.

These round Versace frames are elegant and modern. Featuring in black, with pale gold detailing they will pair perfectly with any look. The temple details feature the iconic Versace medusa and are presented in a unique cut-out style.

Medusa Logo Square Sunglasses in Black.
Medusa Logo Square Sunglasses in Black.

Simple, but sophisticated, the square sunglasses in black by Versace can add class to every style. The shiny black frames are simplistic and given a splash of Versace luxury with the striking gold medusa detailing on the temples.

Each pair of Versace sunglasses are presented in a luxury travel case for protection and an extra touch of style.

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