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Lapland – Home of 24 hour daylight, the Northern lights and a White bearded man with a big Red coat.

The first thing that will come as a surprise about Lapland is that it isn’t actually in the North Pole. Lapland is actually a region situated in the Northerly parts of Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia.

Covering 300,000 km² and mostly populated by 125,000+ reindeer, an indigenous people called Sami, and 70,000 snow mobiles!Reindeer of Lapland

Swedish Lapland is also home to the famous IceHotel, which was brought about by two friends from humble beginnings in 1990 as a small art gallery. It now houses 23 ice rooms and 18 Northern Lights rooms, as well as an Icebar and restaurant that serves local meaty delicacies such as Elk and Reindeers. The IceHotel is also the most eco-friendly hotel in the world; it simply melts away during the spring and is rebuilt in winter.

The Northern Lights or Guovsahas, as the locals call them, can be seen most clearly from the Abisko National Park, high winds in the area keep the clouds at bay, so a clear view of the Aurora Borealis is a regular occurrence.

The Sun sometimes never sets;73 days of light can be experienced around June time, but of course Lapland is far more magical during the winter months, December in particular due to it being the home of SANTA!

An unforgettable trip can be arranged for children and big kids alike from 11 UK airports and costs around £200 per person.

Packages include;

A Search for Santa

Snowmobile adventure rides

A reindeer sleigh ride

A private family meet and greet with Father Christmas himself!


Is Lapland the ultimate Christmas holiday destination?