Kanye West – The Life of Pablo and Yeezy Season 3 launch at New York fashion week

The launch party for the new Kanye West album was a grandiose affair, would he have it any other way? “the best album in the world,” as he called it, has already gone through four different names before the ‘Gold Digger’ rapper settling on – The Life of Pablo

New York fashion week saw the introduction of the Seventh solo album by the self-styled ‘Yeezus’. Crowds gathered inside Madison Square Garden, including the usual gaggle of Kardashians, all dressed in White, to witness a very controversial fashion show that incorporated songs from the new album. It was a racially charged fashion show, full of Black power salutes and mock refugee camps.

kanye west  photo
Photo by G.6sou

The show started with an introduction to the new album, followed by models appearing from behind a sheet to reveal a makeshift building. The new album is a continuation of the very contentious last album; lots of techno and sound manipulation are to be heard throughout, as well as choppy sampling.

Song themes playing out with strong, political and shock undertones seem to be the influence behind some of the concept of the album, references to the Paris attacks can be heard during the opening track Ultra Light Beam, also more light hearted digs at fellow artist Taylor Swift and former collaborators Nike.

Kayne was also there to promote his now third collection of collaborations with his new Yeezy Season 3 collection; it was New York fashion week after all. The collection followed on from 2015’s offering, with more of the high-end/sports luxury crossover. Colours had a very much seasonal, autumn feel, with lots of dark Orange and Wine colours.

Grabbing the mic to speak to the crowd after the show had finished, West asked. “Tell me how y’all feel about the clothes this season?” the crowd responding with positive applause and cheers. “I think you might think because I’m a celebrity or I made money and rap that this shit is easy to do. One of the hardest things to do was to get the talented people that worked on the collection to believe in my vision enough to come (sic) roll with a rapper.”

Adidas were also acknowledged for stumping up the cash before, in true narcissistic fashion, leading the crowd in a chorus of “fuck Nike,” again referring to his and the sportswear giants very public falling out!

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