Jimmy Choo is for Sale

Everybody stay calm, Jimmy Choo is for sale. Shares immediately jumped in the British high fashion house on Monday, after they announced that they were for sale. This is in the hope that the brand is about to fall in to the hands of a new wealthy owner.

Although it was announced that Jimmy Choo is for sale on Monday, there has yet to have been any bidders. But, the size of the company and its position within the industry is sure to get a lot of attention from other big name organisations. Their biggest seller is the luxury footwear mainly for women, and is a hugely successful player in an altogether competitive market. On the other hand, Jimmy Choo has a range of accessories that they offer, including Jimmy Choo sunglasses. Their sunglasses have gone from strength to strength each season, and this summer is no different.

Taking much of their inspiration from their footwear collections, Jimmy Choo sunglasses feature intricate luxury detailing and bold colours.

“The vivid vibrancy of a hummingbird’s plumage, whipped into a blur by wings beating too fast to follow. The exaggerated symmetry and glowing colour contained in the fleshy whorls of an iris inspire a collection that combines magnificent handiwork, bold experiments in form, and powerfully potent colour and decoration.”  – Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Gotha Crystal Glitter Round Sunglasses in Black Gold

This vibrancy is really captured in the Jimmy Choo sunglasses collection through the use of glitter, crystals and gold and silver frames. The influence of the Jimmy Choo footwear collection is apparent through the use of premium leather on some of the frames, combined with gold details much like the gold buckles found on the shoes.

Jimmy Choo Glint Sunglasses in Red Blue Glitter

Gradient lenses have been used in a lot of the sunglasses collection, which gives a really classy edge to the overall aesthetic. Each pair is finished off with a beautifully engraved Jimmy Choo logo and features a beautifully stylish protective case and cleaning cloth.

Gotha Crystal Glitter Round Sunglasses in Light Matte and Shiny Gold Blue

It is unsure at this moment in time who will step up and purchase the British fashion house, but the rise in shares and optimism shared by employees of the brand suggest that it is an exciting time at Jimmy Choo. The air of uncertainty is being cast aside and instead there is more the feeling of opportunity. Now Jimmy Choo is for sale, in weeks to come it will be worth keeping an eye on what is happening with the sale of Jimmy Choo, and what big name in fashion decides to add the Jimmy Choo name to their repertoire. This will give a big indication as to what direction the brand might go in. But, what we do know is their eyewear collection will be as strong as ever the next time around…maybe even better.

Jimmy Choo Lash Leather Brow Sunglasses in Gold Black

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