Jimmy Choo Collaboration with Carrera

Two brands you may not immediately think of when considering a luxury collab are Carrera and Jimmy Choo, however you can expect to be pleasantly surprised by the sleek combination of functional yet contemporary sportwear courtesy of Carrera, with the timeless sophistication and attitude exuded by Jimmy Choo.




Last year Carrera joined forces with US brand Jimmy Choo  – who are more frequently famed for their footwear – to create their first women’s capsule collection. The stunning collection featured timeless silhouettes such as Carrera inspired wayfarers embellished with Jimmy Choo’s signature glitter; perfectly merging the two worlds together in a shower of sparkle. Now with another helping hand from Carrera,  Jimmy Choo branch out from their existing collections of Men’s bags, shoes and accessories by dipping their (always well prepped) toes into the world of Men’s eyewear.  After all, there are no two better brands who create such a blend of eye-catching aesthetics with no sacrifice to high quality or enduring performance…

Behaving as the perfect compliment to the women’s collection, signature design features comprising of camouflage printed silk, hidden burlesque silhouettes  textured croc patterns  set these refined shades apart from the competition. The designs are have a masculine look with Carrera’s iconic shapes transformed by a  sharp, functional and confident sense of style which encapsulating the innate, urbane charm of the Jimmy Choo man.The menswear collection is the perfection fusion of fashion and sport which we have come to see on the SS15 catwalks.






Carrera was founded in 1956 by Wilhelm Anger, inspired by the longest, fastest and most dangerous car race in the world at the time, the Carrera Panamericana. Naturally, the company was born of the sports industry, manufacturing products such as motorcycle goggles and ski masks; however, as it tends to go with popular sportswear, as the fashion industry caught on, Carrera took off as a commerical brand.

The origins of Jimmy Choo as a brand could not contrast more. Born into a family of Malaysian shoemakers, Jimmy Choo got his big break when his designs were noticed by Vogue and were subsequently featured in eight pages in a 1988 issue. He later founded Jimmy Choo Ltd in 1996 as a high fashion house specialising in couture shoes, handbags and accessories.

Needless to say this is one cross-over that shouldn’t work but it does and with style.


Watch the video below

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