Jack O’Connell to Play Alexander McQueen

Recently it was announced that a new biopic about the late, great Alexander McQueen would be hitting the big screens and the designer is to be played by Jack O’Connell. The film is said to revolve around the British designer’s controversial early collections, particularly his notorious 2009 collection.


If you’re not familiar with the designers’ early work, let us have a quick recap. First, we’ll start off with the New York Times headline regarding the event “McQueen Leaves Fashion in Ruins”. McQueen himself stated that his collection “was a sackable offence” a month before displaying it in Paris. The show was titled ‘The Horn of Plenty: Everything but the Kitchen Sink.’ It lasted no longer than fifteen minutes but was a retrospective of everything that is wrong with the fashion industry, a real kick in the teeth to the very environment McQueen was dependent on. Despite some criticizing the show, the majority seemed to love it. It involved a set that looked like a rubbish tip, where models would walk through with Cola cans in their hair, there was upturned umbrellas and everything including the kitchen sink. A lot of the make-up in the show was influenced by the nightlife in the 80’s; something McQueen was familiar with, and something that had a significant impact on his life.

The show was important because the designer considered it to be his “last collection as a young man”, but became tragically engrained in fashion history as it was his last autumn winter show before killing himself on February 11, 2010. The French production company Pathe that will be distributing the film state ‘The film explores McQueen’s creative process in the months leading up to the show, providing an intimate portrait of the man behind the global brand—a moving celebration of a visionary genius whose designs transcended fashion to become art.’

As well as a scary resemblance to the designer, British actor Jack O’Connell has a repertoire of big hitting films in his resume. Born and brought up in Derby, O’Connell played a disturbed teenager in British youth drama series Skins. He then went on to much bigger things, starring in films such as Unbroken, where he was cast by Angelina Jolie. He’s since co-starred with George Clooney and Julia Roberts, as well as been the cover star numerous times for magazines such as GQ and Esquire, and can be considered as a British style icon often seen in beautifully cut suits.
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