Introducing LEVI’S

Levi’s are a brand that everyone knows; it’s a brand that has been around since 1873 when they made their first pair of blue jeans. Since then they have pushed the boundaries with their styles and have branched out into other ranges including clothing and accessories, but did you know that they now have a range of awesome sunglasses?

Levis Classic Aviator Sunglasses in Gold Gold Mirror LO22463/04 at B Sunglasses

That’s right folks, Levi’s have just launched their new range of sunglasses and they do not disappoint. With a mix of classic and modern styles you will not struggle to find a pair to suit you, in fact you could easily find several pairs to suit your mood or your outfit.

Levis Metal Bridge Round Sunglasses in Tokyo Tortoiseshell LO22393/06

Why should you choose Levi’s rather than other brands? That is simple, Levi’s know their stuff, they have been going longer than most companies, but not wanting to rest on their laurels they are always striving to improve their products and give us the best by pushing the boundaries and being innovative. Throughout their long history, they’ve inspired change in the marketplace, the workplace and the world.

Levis Keyhole Square Sunglasses in Dark Tortoiseshell LO22161/06

The Levi’s brand is known by people the world over. They’ve worn it, they’ve seen it, and people identify the Levi’s brand with comfort and quality. The new Levi’s Eyewear collection builds upon that phenomenal brand recognition and presents a truly comprehensive collection of eyewear that will appeal to the masses in the same way that their jeans do.

Levis Keyhole Round Sunglasses in Tokyo Tortoiseshell LO22531/03

Designed for both men and women, Levi’s sunglasses offer a diverse range of styles. Whether or not you’re after a glamourous or laid back image, Levi’s sunglasses will help accessorise that look.

Levis Metal Round Sunglasses in Gold LO22462/02

Their aspiration is to create outstanding denim jeans, casual clothing and accessories that allow individuals to express their own personal style.

Levis Retro Clubmaster Style Sunglasses Tortoiseshell Gunmetal LO22387/06

But rather than us telling you about how great they look, why don’t you take a look at the full Levi’s range for yourselves here.


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