Q&A Session | Interview With DJ and producer – Man Power

We’ve been speaking to friend of B Sunglasses and international superstar DJ/Producer Man Power about what really makes him tick.

Tell us a little about yourself, how did you become a DJ/producer?

I’ve always been in to music and collecting it in some form, but as a young man initially I was never really that connected to the music scene other than being a weekend warrior and going clubbing every weekend. Then I kind of dropped out of everything in my early / mid twenties. I guess it was some kind of early life crisis, but I quit my job, split up with my girlfriend and just started partying non-stop. When the dust had settled a bit after a couple of years it kind of became apparent that the only people I knew where connected to the nightlife scene, and the only thing I had of any value was my music taste, so it kind of went from there.

Making music just came as the natural next step. I’d been in a few bands as a kid, and played instruments at school, so it all kind of came naturally.

Man Power 1 (Hi Res Available Upon Request)

What do you love most about DJ’ing and producing music?

I’m quite a mouthy person, and DJing feels like a form of wordless mass communication, which I really like. When you’re DJing you’re tying something to the crowd and reacting to their responses and it’s very much a Two way street. When you’re making music you’re making a multi layered statement and throwing out without wanting to hear what is said back (which similarly really appeals to my megalomaniacal side)

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently finishing off around 4 Records for various labels, as well as working on an as yet unannounced conceptual piece which is allowing me to be all pretentious and arty, and I’ve taken the first few steps in realising my second album too. I have a pretty crazy remix schedule too, but I’m going to calm that down in 2016, I think.

Of all the places you have visited as a DJ/producer, which has been your favourite and why?

There are too many to mention. I really love Tel Aviv for the vibe in the underground there, I love Berlin and lived there for the last 12 months. I’m a big fan of the food around Napoli and the Amalfi coast. I always have an amazing time in Croatia. Japan was the most mind blowing culture shock I’ve had so far. New York and LA are both always amazing for different reasons, and I love Mexico so much that I’ve just moved there!

Man Power 3 (Hi Res Available Upon Request)

What project or collaboration have you enjoyed the most?

I had my very good friend Mick Rolfe provide the vocal for an album track. It was great to work with someone who I trust enough to just go and do their own thing without any interference from me.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Possibly Burning man as it was so unique. Maybe Piknik Electronic in Barcelona, as I was playing to 9,000 people and I was still quite new in my career. Possibly Glastonbury, as it was my first time there and it’s so wrapped up in English culture. Normally festivals can be a bit unrewarding, so the really good ones really stand out in your memory.

Who would you love to work with in the future?

Ryuchi Sakamoto. Stevie Wonder. Bowie. Gavin Bryers.

What kind of tracks get people going during a set?

Always depends on where it is and the context of the performance. I really try to not get hung up on the type of music I’m playing and just go with what comes naturally, be it Carl Craig or Olivia Newton John.

What are your Top Five Tracks for 2015?

Anatolian Weapons – A Strange light from the East
Dauwd – Jupiter George
Fink – Suffering is the Art of Love`
Guy Mantzur, Roy RosenfelD – Epika
Fantastic Man – St Elmos Theme

What do you like to do in your spare time?


Man Power 5

Which pair of glasses or sunglasses from the B Sunglasses website would you take away on your travels and why?

Since you kitted me out with my prescription specs I’m really in to Tom Ford, so I think I’d after to go for the Ryder Sunglasses in Shiny Rose Gold Green. They look really cool!

Let us know what track has got you up on the dance floor this year.