Highlights from Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week’s schedule is packed with our favourite eyewear designers each season. From flight strips to immersive video installations; here’s all the highlights from the runway.

Moncler’s “Second Chapter”

Moncler presented the second chapter in its Genius story, with new-age displays as well as new collaborative collections. Again, Moncler defied fashion norms by choosing to use video as the medium for their showcase. They transformed an industrial space into an art gallery, setting up an immersive video installation across the walls of the rooms. The visual stories present a new kind of runway, and each has their own individual style from the distinct designs of each of the collaborators.

Moncler x Simone Rocha. (Still from Moncler Instagram video post)
Moncler x Simone Rocha. (Still from Moncler Instagram video post)

British designer Simone Rocha stood out in particular, who worked on a collection that blended beauty and function. Rocha’s garments were quirky and feminine, yet completely cosy, resembling stylish ski-wear. Stunning floral prints, which are a trademark of the designer, popped out from the walls like a virtual garden in full bloom. “Moncler means nature, protection, activity, ambition, refinement, establishment and personality. A mix of beauty and function is my interpretation of it,” said Rocha.

Moncler x Simone Rocha (Instagram)
Moncler x Simone Rocha (Instagram)

Moncler’s forward thinking is pushing them further and further into the limelight these past few seasons. Their innovative designs, not only of their collections, but also of their show spaces, has their name bouncing around among celebrities and in every magazine. Moncler’s eyewear collection is infused with this same sense of unique, creativity of the future. Here’s a top pair from their latest range…

Full Rim Round Sunglasses in Shiny Gunmetal
Full Rim Round Sunglasses in Shiny Gunmetal by Moncler

Emporio Armani’s Big Take Off

Since 1996, Emporio Armani’s iconic eagle logo has hung above airport Linate’s hangar. For over twenty years then, the first and last thing flyers see when vising Milan is the essence of Emporio Armani. This season, Armani took his SS19 runway show to this significant site, and showcased his collection at an actual airport runway. On a ginormous aircraft hangar at the end of the airport, guests from far and wide sat awaiting the new collection. Invites to the event arrived with perfume bottles, of only 100ml and encased in the airport regulation plastic pouches. Plus, guests had to actually check-in, passport and all, go through security, and then be escorted by airport staff to the runway. Armani’s show was the most extra thing we’ve seen this season and it’s absolutely amazing.

Emporio Armani SS19 - Instagram
Emporio Armani SS19 – Instagram

The excitement of the setting alone would be enough to have Armani’s show a talking point for years, but the designer also managed to showcase a whopping 168 new looks. ‘I wanted a location this season that represented Milan, but also its international essence, its sense of openness to the world and the spirit of innovation that distinguishes it at this time,’ said Giorgio Armani. ‘A place synonymous with traveling, and the opportunity for adventure and freedom. Linate is all of this.’ Like other big designers this season, there was plenty of neon and sportswear, but there was also an abundance of snake skin. Evening wear included fringed dresses, column dresses in a blinding blue or a slug green. All glamorous, all exceptionally flattering. If that wasn’t enough to wow the crowd, special guest Robbie Williams flew out to perform a few hits for the guests, donning his own dazzling black tux coat.

Robbie Williams performs at SS19 Emporio Armani Show. - Instagram
Robbie Williams performs at SS19 Emporio Armani Show. – Instagram

Emporio Armani’s latest eyewear collection is as dramatic as it’s airport extravaganza. Here’s a top pick from their sunglasses…

Abstract Metal Rimless Sunglasses in Black
Abstract Metal Rimless Sunglasses in Black

Prada Waves Goodbye to Tiny Sunglasses

Prada’s new multipurpose performance space at the Fondazione Prada was the setting of their SS19 show. Guests sad on inflatable Verner Panton stools in the giant hall and on the floor underneath them was a grid marked with geographical locations denoting the exact place in the world each of them was occupying. “We wanted to introduce life to the Fondazione, because sometimes art is not enough,” Prada said.

Prada SS19 Runway - Instagram
Prada SS19 Runway – Instagram

The collection was youthful and effortlessly cool, with a dark colour palette splattered with pops of vibrancy in reds and yellows. There was also sheer and chiffon in abundance, in tops, dresses, skirts, and even knee-high socks. The collection was modern and edgy, with models made-up with bleached eyebrows, and the fittings experimenting with traditional styles of femininity. Prada used sixties and seventies throwbacks, like a print jersey coat and the use of Alice bands. Prada said: “I wanted to break the rules of the classic. To discuss a wish of freedom and liberation and fantasy, and, on the other side, the extreme conservatism that is coming—the duality out there.”

Prada SS19

Most importantly however, Prada smashed down the very trend it helped to create: tiny sunglasses. Gone are the days of Matrix-style miniature sunnies on the Prada runway, instead, models walked in oversized sunglasses as big as their faces. Each pair of plastic sunglasses were finished with striking lines of dots down the lower frame. These giant beauties will be the next big thing but if you can’t wait that long then check out a pair from their recent collection here now….

Metal Bridge Oversize Square Sunglasses in Pink Havana
Metal Bridge Oversize Square Sunglasses in Pink Havana

The Fendi Topknot

Firstly, the simplicity and uniformity of the topknot worn by each Fendi model is a beauty highlight from fashion season so far. Sam McKnight, the hairstylist, combed and scraped back every models hair into a high-slung topknot, leaving a few wispy curls around the edges. Karl Lagerfeld said of the decision, “Look around; the style really is universally flattering,” and we couldn’t agree more. Perfect for any occasion, flattering, effective with any hair texture; its genius is in its simplicity.

Kendall Jenner walking for Fendi's SS19 show
Kendall Jenner walking for Fendi’s SS19 show

One of the many famous faces on the runway was Kendall Jenner, who walked in only a white zip-up jacket, wearing now trousers, and carrying two bags. Other looks in the show included a transparent vinyl raincoat, worn by Adwoa Aboah, as well as brown leather jackets, cargo pants, parkas and other big coats on silk blouses. It was glamorous utility wear, infused with a sense of youth. More striking sunglasses were showcased, playing with geometric shapes and mirrored lenses for a contemporary finish.

Fendi SS19

Can’t hold out waiting for these new sunnies? Grab a pair just like them from the current Fendi collection now…

Iridia Cateye Sunglasses in Opal Burgundy
Iridia Cateye Sunglasses in Opal Burgundy

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