A Guide to Prada’s Round Sunglasses

A selection of Prada’s round sunglasses (top lefttop rightbottom leftbottom right)

Prada is one of the most sought-after designer labels in the World — and for good reason! Although Prada makes pretty much every kind of clothing and accessory possible in the fashion industry, its sense of quality is never compromised. This is especially the case for its incredible range of sunglasses, which Prada is renowned for. However, because we’ve collected such an impressive range of Prada sunglasses, some visitors to our site may feel a little overwhelmed; so, to make it a little easier for you, we’ve put together a little guide to Prada’s round sunglasses!

Brief Question: Why round sunglasses?

Before we delve into Prada’s rich offering of round sunglasses, it’s important that we establish why we’re focusing on round sunglasses over other styles. The quick answer is that round sunglasses are incredibly popular right now. More and more round sunglasses have been finding their way to the red carpets and runways in the last few years, and the trend only seems to be building! So, round sunglasses are huge at the minute. The other reason we’re focusing on round sunglasses is because Prada has a huge collection of round designs with an incredibly diverse selection of styles within the ‘round sunglasses’ category.

Prada’s Metal Round Sunglasses

Two of Prada’s metal round sunglasses (leftmiddleright)

The first Prada sunglasses we’re looking at is Prada’s Metal round design. This design is a great place to start because it’s perhaps the most classic design in the entire collection. As always with Prada, you’ll find the materials and build to be incredibly high-quality, and the integration of Havana patterns feels especially vintage and in-keeping with the brand. These vintage patterns work perfectly with the naturally retro aesthetic of round sunglasses.


Prada Double Bridge Metal Round Sunglasses

A few examples of Prada’s double bridge metal round sunglasses (leftmiddleright)

Prada’s double bridge metal round sunglasses have a lot in common with their standard metal bridge sunglasses. However, the additional bridge definitely modernises the look. Handled differently, the double bridge might resemble Ray-Ban’s classic Aviator design, and it most certainly wouldn’t feel modern. However, the subtle differences in the upper bridge make it feel like a fresh, modern design feature. That said, the overall effect isn’t intentionally modern; it’s just that the double bridge model feels less vintage than its single-bridged cousin discussed above! If you’re looking for a classic design with a little twist, then this model might be perfect for you.

Prada Cinema Double Bridge Sunglasses

Prada’s Cinema double bridge sunglasses (leftright)

Prada’s Cinema double bridge sunglasses feel like the logical next step in this guide. They make use of a similar double bridge, but the rims have a subtle cat-eye design. Cat-eye and round shapes go perfectly together and you’ll notice a round inner line to the rims and a cat-eye outline. This design feels quite 50s, but the materials and build give it a slight modern finish. If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that you can wear causally but also with something more dressy, then Prada’s Cinema double bridge design might be perfect for you.

Prada Cinema Metal Wire Round Sunglasses

Prada’s Cinema metal wire round sunglasses (leftright)

If you like the Cinema design because it combines round and cat-eye shapes, then you may also like Prada’s metal wire Cinema models. This design blurs the line between round and cat-eye, but the overall silhouette and finish feels very modern. This modern aesthetic is achieved by the wire frame effect, and the unique double bridge where the bridges are very close together. If you like round sunglasses but aren’t perhaps convinced by the retro aesthetic, then perhaps this design is the perfect middle ground for you!

Prada’s Baroque Round Sunglasses

Prada’s Baroque round sunglasses (leftright)

Prada’s Baroque round sunglasses are a big departure from many of the other designs in this guide. The design is big, bold, and far from subtle. The arms are also very ornate, which works brilliantly with the smooth, simple rim shape. This is classic Italian eyewear design at its best. The frame is thick and has a real sense of elegance to it that you can only really get from the big Italian and French eyewear designers. This design is very decadent and is the perfect companion with that little black dress or anything a little more dressy!

Prada’s Ornate Metal Baroque Sunglasses

Prada’s ornate metal baroque sunglasses

Lastly, Prada’s Ornate Metal Baroque sunglasses pull in lots of design features from many of the sunglasses in this guide. If you love the standard Baroque sunglasses discussed above buy you’re looking for something a little more modern and avant-garde, then this model is perhaps perfect for you! The metal accents take the design to the next level and they disrupt the round rim shape a little — so you’d be forgiven for not realising straight away that they have a round-rim design. The shiny metal against the glossy black frame is decadent and would definitely work better with a nice dress or any kind of formalwear.


That’s all of the time we have for today, but we haven’t covered everything in our entire range of round Prada sunglasses. We hope this guide has helped a few readers figure out which new Prada sunglasses they’re going to pick up next! If you have any questions about any of the sunglasses mentioned in this guide, or about our wider Prada sunglasses collection, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!