Gucci Oversized Sunglasses Guide

Gucci Star Temple square sunglasses in Havana

Anyone who’s ever owned a pair knows that Gucci sunglasses can elevate any outfit. The big Italian designers put a lot of work into their eyewear collections, and each has their own unique aesthetic; given its regular design output, you could argue that Gucci’s signature sunglasses style is the oversized look. Eschewing subtlety in favour of glamour and opulence, Gucci’s oversized sunglasses are the epitome of Italian eyewear design. While Prada, Miu Miu, and Versace all have a talent for oversized sunglasses, Gucci’s oversized collection has a range of styles for different face shapes and aesthetics. This guide will help you figure out which oversized Gucci sunglasses suit your face and it may also help you figure out which styles won’t do your features any favours.

Who do Oversized Sunglasses Look Best on?

The good news is that most women’s faces suit the oversized look; this is because larger sunglasses and glasses make the wearer’s face seem smaller by contrast. For women will smaller faces, their features are made even smaller, softer, and more feminine (they also make them look younger!). For women with larger faces, the oversized look helps shrink your face down in a similar way, and smaller sunglasses should be avoided at all costs, as they make their faces look even larger by contrast. So, although they have a different effect on women with large and small faces, oversized sunglasses compliment both groups!

Figure Out Your Face Shape

If you want to learn as much as possible about eyewear face-shape theory, check out our face-shape guide. If you just need a hand figuring out your face shape for this blog post, however, you can simply draw around the outline of your face on a mirror. Use crayon, lipstick, or something else oil based so that you can wash it off later. It’s also easier if you ask someone to draw for you so that you can keep your head still. Make sure to follow along your jawline and the hairline, as opposed to tracing along the top of your head. The shape on the mirror will look more like a wonky potato than a geometric shape, but hopefully it’ll give you a rough idea of whether your face is round, oval, square, rectangular, oblong, diamond- or heart-shaped. Women with oval faces will suit any style of sunglasses, but the rest all have styles that either compliment or clash with their features.


Oversized Square Gucci Sunglasses

An assortment of Gucci’s oversized square sunglasses (top left, top right, bottom)

Gucci’s oversized square sunglasses look a little bigger than the other sunglasses in the collection. This is because the square shape pushes the rims out in all directions and because they all have thicker rims than many of the other models in our oversized Gucci collection. In other words, Gucci’s oversized square sunglasses are the most oversized. If you’re looking to maximize that oversized effect, then these designs might be for you. However square sunglasses tend to compliment people with round or oblong faces most and they can sometimes emphasise the angles of square and rectangular faces in a bad way, unbalancing your features a little.

Oversized Round Gucci Sunglasses

An assortment of Gucci’s oversized round sunglasses (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right)

If you want the oversized look but you prefer softer silhouettes, then Gucci’s round oversized sunglasses might be right for you. Round sunglasses contrast with sharp cheek bones and jawlines, softening them; this makes them ideal for people with square or rectangular faces. Heart- and diamond-shaped faces will also look good with round sunglasses, but there are sunglasses that will compliment these face shapes even more…

Oversized Cateye and Pilot Gucci Sunglasses

An assortment of Gucci’s cateye and pilot sunglasses designs (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right)

While there is a big difference between the aesthetics of cat-eye and pilot sunglasses, they both compliment women with heart- or diamond- shaped faces. Both of these face shapes have pointed chins and the cateye and pilot styles draw people’s eyes to the top of the face, balancing out the prominent chin. Pilot sunglasses do this because they are wider at the top, and this top-heavy design draws attention to the brow rather than the underside of the rims. Cateye sunglasses draw the eye towards the top of your face with the upwards flick in the upper outside corners of the rims. Both styles look great on other face shapes too, but they compliment heart- and diamond-shaped faces most of all.

The big decision you’ll have to make, then, is whether Gucci’s cateye or pilot designs suit your clothes and overall aesthetic. The cateye designs are especially feminine and a little more traditional than Gucci’s pilot designs. If you have a very modern dress sense and you tend towards bigger, bolder designs, Gucci’s oversized pilot sunglasses are probably right for you.


Oversized sunglasses are more popular than ever, and the trend isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon. Gucci’s penchant for opulence and eye-catching design makes oversized sunglasses the perfect fit. We hope this article has helped a few readers work out which Gucci oversized sunglasses will suit them best. If you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. And if you love Gucci’s aesthetic but aren’t sure if the oversized styles are right for you, make sure you browse our extensive Gucci sunglasses collection. Happy shopping!