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Luxury. Sophistication. Elegance. Gucci optics are everything you need to polish your style for Autumn 2017.

Using expertise Italian craftsmanship, Guccio Gucci began a leather goods company in 1921. Horse-riding aristocrats were attracted to his luxury items and quickly built up a huge part of his clientele. Gucci’s business hit hard times under Fascist rule in the 40’s and there was an astonishing reduction in foreign supplies. This did not cripple his business. Gucci experimented with different materials like linen and jute, as well as going on to create the bamboo bag which remains iconic today.

Gucci GG019 Glasses with Gold detailing

The signature green-red-green stripe that’s adorned by fashionistas world wide today. In the 1960’s, after shifts for the brand as it was passed through the family, the iconic interlocking double G logo was developed. This symbol, a sign of the Gucci legacy, I said synonymous with high fashion, elegance and sophistication.

Gucci Chunky Glasses in Black

Gucci optics carry this same sleekness of style. Crafted from the finest quality materials, each pair is highly polished in their finish.

Gucci GG0011O glasses with Gucci Colour detailing

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