Greggs Festive Bake 2016| B Sunglasses Road Trip (Video)

What signals the true start of Christmas? The switching on of your local Christmas lights, when the Coca Cola advert first appears on our screens, or the Greggs Festive bake?

Well for some of the staff at B Sunglasses it has to be the pasty that keeps all the elves fuelled until midnight on Christmas Eve.

So, today, 3 not so wise men, began their pilgrimage to the warm welcoming gates of pasty heaven.Festive Bake Thumbnail

Being a company based in Newcastle upon Tyne, it’s hard to ignore the baking juggernaut that is Greggs the Bakers – In this region alone there are 9.9 Greggs outlets per 100,000 people, you’re probably closer to a Greggs than a Post office in ‘The Toon.’

Founded 65 years ago by John Gregg in the suburb of Gosforth, after 10 years of delivering fresh eggs on his bike, John realised that there was a real need for fresh bread and tasty treats, with this in mind he opened his first shop, there’s still one going strong in that very spot today.
Fast forward to today and there are over 1,700 Greggs in the UK, employing 20,000+ staff, a real national institution.

Anyway, we could go on about the rise of the baker, like what we did there? But we won’t, as today is the release day of the famous Festive Bake, the fabled pasty of the festive period and in our opinion the true start to Christmas. Some of our staff always makes the journey to their local store on the second Tuesday of every November to sample Santa’s favourite pasty.

This year we decided to document our trip, see how we got on here…

*We can’t confirm or deny if elves eat Festive Bakes.