Greece | Travel Tuesday

Today is one of the most important of the year, where people around the world join together in the consumption of one specific dessert: yes, it’s pancake day! Despite Shrove Tuesday being a Christian celebration, people of all denominations enjoy this holiday simply for the deliciousness of it all. But where did pancakes come from? Every country seems to have its own version; crepes from France, Æbleskiver from Denmark, Okonomiyaki from Japan. But the earliest record of pancakes were from the Ancient Greeks, whose name for the flat cakes was derived from their word for ‘frying pan’, and so for this weeks Travel Tuesday we’re exploring the home of this great dessert: Greece.

Greece is one of the oldest civilisations in the world, with the Ancient Greek civilisation beginning in the 8th century BC, so in terms of sightseeing it would be a Herculean task to see everything this country has to offer: so we’ll give you the highlights. We couldn’t begin with anything other than what is arguably the symbol of Greece: the Acropolis of Athens, with the most iconic temple on it, the Parthenon, which was dedicated to the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and war Athena. The Acropolis is a large rock perched above Athens with an amazing view of the city, and various other ancient buildings to explore, with late winter to spring being the best time to visit as the site is green and covered in wildflowers. The Acropolis Museum is also a must-see, built in 2009 specifically to display the findings from the Acropolis, with spectacular view of the sight itself.

greece photo


Another ancient spectacle is the city of Delphi, site of the supreme oracle and the place where ancient Greeks believed heaven met earth. Within the ancient town lies various ruins, however many visit Delphi for the spiritual experience of the place. If you’re a lover of adventure and as well as history, Mount Olympus is the place for you. The mountain was notable in Greek mythology as the home of the Twelve Olympians (or the major ancient Greek deities). The area was made a National Par in 1938 and has mountaineering trails covering all levels of difficulty, as well as more extreme sports such as rafting, climbing, paragliding and mountain biking, among others.


If you’re the R&R holiday type, this beautiful country has plenty of luxury to offer for you too. Santorini is a Greek island right in the middle of the Aegean sea, yet despite its out of the way location this get away in no secret – the Kardashians chose the island for their (obviously) well documented family holiday in 2013, along with thousands of other holidaymakers all year round. With the sea facing villas of Santorini lining the cliffs and painted in the colours of the Greek flag it will take your breath away.

Of course, for any party animals, there are plenty of options: Malia, Mykonos, Zante, Rhodes, Kos. The Greek islands are giants of European nightlife, as anyone who has seen BBC’s Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents will be aware. Although many of these party towns do play host to groups of young party goers, it’s easy to find other bars and clubs if that isn’t really your scene! Although, you’re guaranteed a good time!

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So, what do you have on your Greek pancakes? Let us know in the comments below…