The Great British Mug Cake Off

We’re huge fans of the Great British Bake Off at B Sunglasses and to celebrate the new series on BBC Two we decided to have our very own Bake Off Challenge at B Sunglasses HQ….

We’ve got some brilliant budding chefs here at B Sunglasses but we wanted to try something a little more unorthodox for this competition. A few months ago we spotted THIS post featuring Mug Cakes on on our sister blog for Glare Eyewear; where ingredients are cooked up in a humble drinking mug with a microwave and the result is a gooey, delicious treat which is quick and easy to make for lazy bakers. Naturally we thought we’d give it a go and by borrowing the odd microwave, our competitors Philly, Rachel, Viv, Hannah, Emma and Sarah had to seriously impress with their cake making skills!

Whilst Viv’s was near perfect and looked exactly like the pictures, our judge Ali deemed it much too dry. Our E-Commerce director Philly however failed at the first hurdle when his cake exploded in the microwave into a messy (but delicious) yellow goo. Our Social Media Intern Hannah was next in line with a rich, chocolatey nutella version and looked like she’d be the overall winner until Marketing Manager Rachel’s choc-mint delight topped with cream swooped in. Ali crowned Rachel the overall winner with commendations to Sarah’s ‘Cheesecake in a Mug’ and Emma bizarre but good ‘Ice Cream and Jelly dessert’…


Viv’s near perfect chocolate surprise was not enough to impress our judge


Hannah’s sticky nutella cake was marked highly for its’ gooey loveliness


Ali declares Rachel as the winner


Ali puts his taste buds to the test. If you look closely you can see Philly bribing him with £20


Rachel’s winning recipe; a minty chocolate pudding topped with whipping cream and dark chocolate.
Taste and presentation!


Perfectly describing our overall efforts….