Goa has been a popular holiday destination since colonial times and is still thriving with tourists eager to experience its charming and laid-back beach vibe. The food is unforgettable, the parties wild, the beaches stunning and the wildlife exciting. Goa’s most enticing attribute is its offer of complete serenity and relaxation from the outside world. Sign up for a yoga retreat, or  grab a cocktail and leave all your troubles behind in sunny paradise.


Sand and Sea.

The reason most visit Goa is for its long stretches of beautiful golden sand that create a true tropical paradise. Each beach has a different charm, ranging from the up-market five-star to the hippie heaven, and from the sunbather’s relaxation spots to the activity and animal orientated beaches.

Considered one of the best beaches in all of Asia is the breath-taking Agonda Beach in Southern Goa. It’s not too crowded considering its popularity and has a little something for every visitor. Engross yourself in a book all day and listen to the breeze, grab some tanning oil and get yourself a beautiful glow or head to a water sports company and get stuck in to wind-surfing and paragliding. Part of the beaches unmistakable charm is due wildlife. The turtle centre provides the chance for you to see the protection of endangered Olive Ridley eggs and there’s also boat rides available for dolphin spotting. As nightfall comes, if you’re feeling at one with the beach, hire a tent and camp out under the enchanting stars of the clear sky above. You’ll never want to leave.


The cuisine in Goa is an exquisite blend of different cultures deriving from the Portuguese, Hindu, Christian and the hippies. Its exotic and spicy and offers a variety of delicious delicacies for your must-try list!
A popular version of the classic fish curry served in an abundance throughout Goa. Ambot-Tik translates to Sour-Spicy, created through a harmonious blend of the tart petals of the Kokum solam, and the red-coloured fruit of Kokum.

Pork Vindaloo
A spicy blend of red chillies, garlic, Goan vinegar, hard palm jiggery and tender chunks of pork. This dish is famous world-wide and where better to taste it than in its home.

Just the knowledge of the time-consuming and specialist process of making Bebinca makes it special but the mouth-watering result has visitors raving about it. Bebinca is made up from layers of coconut pancakes, each layer being baked before the next is added. The sweet is baked in a clay oven heated by coal and is a dreamy must-try if you’re visiting Goa.


Spiritual Sanctuary.

Goa is a haven for retreats. If your look to wide your mind, cleanse your soul or experience something a little different for relaxation then Goa is the place for you. There are t’ai chi sessions, meditation, reiki retreats, chakras, and endless options for yoga. The sanctuary of mind, body and soul characterises the retreats of Goa.

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