The Fishbowl: A Polaroid Eyewear Movie

Polaroid presents “The Fishbowl”, the story of its founder, the man who changed the way we see the world. To celebrate their 80th birthday, Polaroid eyewear have created a short film about Edwin Land, the amazing man that started it all.

The movie has had help from Spanish native Nacho Gayan, one of the world’s most prominent commercial directors. Gayan has used beautiful images, music and a conscious lack of dialogue to perfectly encapsulate the adventure that led young Edwin Land to invent the polarizing filter.

The incredible story starts in the early 1930’s, where physics student Edwin Land is intently watching the sunlight filter through a window next to him striking a surface. His restless mind convinces itself that it does not need an education to pursue this idea, so quits college toe fully commit himself the secret experiments he is carrying out at a Columbia University lab.

During WWII, Polaroid is chosen by the American Air Force and Army as the supplier of high specification goggles for pilots and tank crew.

Speaking on The Fishbowl, Polaroid explained ‘The film begins with our founder’s road to innovation, which was no easy feat for the young college dropout. It was one only someone with his ambition, intellect and optimism could accomplish.

In 1939, the Chrysler Corporation sponsors the first commercial 3D movie to be watched with Polaroid’s unique 3D glasses at the World Trade Fair in NYC.

The movie then spans through 80 years following Edwin Land’s pioneering invention, showing how Polaroid has established itself as one of the world’s most popular and trusted eyewear brands.

With a vision for a better, clearer world, our charismatic founder demonstrates the magic behind his invention, sparking the imagination of his audience.’

In the fashion boom of the 50’s and 60’s, Polaroid Eyewear becomes increasingly popular thanks to its first TV commercials

Now the pioneering moment has been recreated, Polaroid demonstrates their history through a selection of visual stories that embody a specific moment Polaroid’s technology has enhanced the way we see and experience the world around us.

Polaroid Eyewear is a brand that prides itself on bringing a diverse mix of talented people together. They offer a special, original experience by thriving on their 80 years of experience and updating this with a modern, on-trend twist.

Polaroid’s latest collection plays with bold colours, contemporary design and still uses the pioneering technology that is synonymous with Polaroid Eyewear

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