Find out when the first pair of man made sunglasses were invented in our handy little history guide!

Have you ever wondered just how old the very first pair of manmade sunglasses would be?

A whopping 2000 years old to be exact and who would of thought that the first ever pair of manmade sunglasses were originally invented by the people who have over 50 different words for snow! Yep you guessed it The Eskimo’s!

The Eskimo or Inuit’s, if you prefer, etched the ‘goggles’ in wood, bone or leather.

The goggles consisted of tiny slits in the frame stopping snow blindness from the reflective glare of the Sun.

Living in and around the West coast of Alaska and eventually migrating to Canada some 800 years ago, The Thule people of Baffin grafted the example pictured below which is now exhibiting at the Canadian Museum of Civilisation.

If the first pair of manmade sunglasses are over 2000 years old, how long did it take for the first polarized lens sunglasses to be invented?

Believe it or not proper lenses capable of filtering out the glare of the sun weren’t invented until 1929 when Edwin Land filed a patent for a cellophane type polarizing filter.

After Edwin’s ingenious invention, polarizing celluloid became crucial to any persons creating anti-glare eyewear.

Land later went on to produce automobile headlights and stereoscopic photography hence Polaroid.

Well that’s the B Sunglasses history lesson over for today, but if you’d like something more up to date and in fashion why not take a look at our full collection of designer sunglasses.