Festival Styles from Polaroid

Polaroid’s new summer collection is colourful, playful and full of life. The vibrancy and contagious energy in the campaign shines through in every pair of sunglasses. Eyewear from Polaroid is perfect for hitting the festivals in style this summer.

Polaroid has a strong legacy of leading eyewear technology and design. Ever since Harvard dropout Edwin Land chased his dreams and developed the first inexpensive polarised film, Polaroid has been growing and growing. Land was sneaking into Columbia University labs to use their equipment and his bravery paid off as he’s revolutionised eyewear since. Later, Land invented modern filters that would polarise light and then in 1939 showcased the first ever 3D movie glasses. Land’s name became even more famous when he invented the instant camera. The findings of Edwin Land remain the basis of how polarised lenses are manufactured by the brand today.

The polarised lenses that complete each pair of sunglasses are iconic. Polaroid continue to manufacturer extremely high quality, durable and stylish sunglasses at affordable prices. Their latest collection uses this same high quality design whilst being completely colourful and summery.

Pop inspirations, combined with contemporary styling collide in an explosion of colours and shapes in the new Spring/Summer 2018 Polaroid collection. The leitmotifs are an inspired blend of different materials, such as metal and injection-molded plastic, as well as fluorescent colours for the sport minimalist styles. This season, the frames are thicker and stronger, allowing for durability as well as brighter colours – both perfect qualities for festival eyewear.

Polaroid’s iconic pixel detail is showcased on every pair of sunglasses in a textured design effect on the temples or on some pairs it adorns the front in grabbing colours. The fiery red hues of the sunglasses worn in the photograph above are bold and sporty, perfect for festivals in the snow or festivals like Boardmasters where sports, music and fashion collide.

These round frames are summery and fresh. The white cateye frame detailing is striking, yet will pair with the wildest of outfits making them the perfect versatile festival accessory.

The colour pop of the entire collection shines through in this singular shot. Pair laid-back festival wear with some brightly coloured thick frames. Daring red, or bold blue, the Polaroid frames feature in an array of stunning colours with mirror polarised lenses for an extra add of colour as well as protection.

To explore the full new collection from Polaroid, and get ready for the summer festival season, head to our site now.