Festival Must Haves | T In The Park

 I am currently roaming the muddy fields of  T in the Park . Festival season is by far my favourite part of summer and to be lucky enough to be attending for the second year in a row, I am more than excited.

I have came up with a few handbag essentials for all you ladies out there who are undecided on what you need to carry with you during the day.


When it comes to festival bags, a small and secure one is your safest option. I decided to go for this bum-bag purchased for last years trip. It has plenty of zips and pockets to keep everything separate and safe whilst in the crowds. Splitting your money throughout the pockets in your bag is also a fairly good idea, it means if you were to lose anything or get pick-pocketed, you’ve got spare cash to back you up.



Miniatures are always essential. You never know when you may need some tissues, wipes or even a little bit of deodorant. It’s always safer to carry them with you so you don’t need to return to your tent multiple times.



Even though you aren’t able to take flasks or any fluids into the actual arena, having one for the camp-site is always a good idea. I decided to go for a more detailed one this year compared to the  plastic cups I used last year. They may be way more practical but are nowhere near as pretty.




Finally, an obvious must for festivals are sunglasses.

I decided to go for these Ray-Ban® Metal Rounds which have been a fairly popular style over the last few months. The simple round frame and dark lenses make the glasses classic and simple, allowing you to pair with all sorts of outfit choices.



What will you be taking in your bag?