Festival Fashion 2016

Festival season is well and truly upon us, and in typical UK style, it has already been less like Coachella and more about the umbrellas, with Download festival dubbed ‘Drownload’ festival. As ever with British weather though, you never know what to expect, because just 10 days earlier the sun was shining and festival-goers were frolicking in the bank holiday heat wave at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Exeter. It’s safe to say that they have our own style of festival over the water at the likes of Coachella, and while our experience may be a bit more rough and ready, there’s no reason we can’t nick some of the latest summer styles from our American friends (even if we do have to throw on a jumper and wellies too).




Denim for days

You probably hear the same every year, but it’s a tried and tested timeless trend. Denim shorts, denim jackets, denim dresses, denim skirts… the list goes on. Any item of clothing you can think of will probably be made in denim somewhere, and will probably look wicked. Don’t be afraid of a full denim outfit, it’s warm and a denim jacket always looks good around the waist if it gets too warm.



Loud to match the music

If there’s anywhere you can get away with looking a bit mental it’s a festival, and why not? It’s all about having the time of your life anyway, so your clothes may as well reflect your mood! Blinding colours, bold prints and freaky fabrics make for some gaudy garms, and are sure to make you stand out from the crowd (literally).



Layer up, whatever the weather

Of course, you must always bring some back up jumpers and tights to any festival in the UK, no matter the forecast. Sometimes they’ll be stuffed at the bottom of your bag for the whole weekend, but we guarantee the one time you forget will be the one time you regret it. Whether you’re layering with chunky knits and waterproofs or tees under mini dresses, it’s a strong look and should be incorporated whenever possible.



A good day for crochet

Don’t be fooled, crochet is not just the grandmas’ game anymore, and you may be surprised by how sexy you can make it. The holes in the yarn make for a sheer or cut-out effect, meaning you can show a little skin while still staying somewhat wooly and warm.



Don’t fear the frill

If you’re conscious of the high fashion androgyny trend and have a fear of frills, there’s no time better than summer festival season to try to incorporate a bit of girliness into your wardrobe, and you don’t have to go overboard. Light colours and flowing frills can create a subtle feminine look without the need to go full prima ballerina, and lightweight fabrics will keep you cool in the (hopefully) sunny weather.


Start your festival wardrobe by checking out the sunglasses styles worn in the looks above!

Ray-Ban® D&G Marc Jacobs Versace Wildfox Miu Miu Stella McCartney WildfoxRay-Ban®Let us know which festivals you’re going to this summer and which styles you’ll be killing it in.