B Sunglasses Festival Style | Festival Essentials for 2015

So when it comes to packing your ‘essentials’ for a festival each and every one of us has a different concept. We have the glamorous kind who bring everything bar the kitchen sink then on the other hand we have those who could live in the same clothes for the whole duration.  Everyone is different, however we’ve came up with a list of essentials that are necessary and not just a waste of space. 

TENT – *blow up pillow, sleeping mat/bag, and a camping chair*

When it comes to tents think about how many people you’re sharing with? Make sure you get a tent that has enough room for what you’ve took with you and actually has room for you to sleep. Blow up pillows are an genius idea as they take up minimal room whilst travelling. Your sleeping bag and mat are easy to attach to your backpack or holdall taking another thing off your hands and finally a cheap camping chair that has four legs is all you need for the muddy festival fields.


Wellies and a pair of old trainers are all you need when it comes to footwear. You don’t want to go out and spend fortunes on a new pair of sandals or sparkly clean Converse when they are guaranteed to get ruined. Play it safe with some wellies and don’t forget your long socks.


You’ll be going nowhere if you forget your ticket so plan ahead and put it somewhere safe the night before. When it comes to money, taking cash is the best bet as the constant mile long queue for a cash machine that charges approx £2.50 for every transaction is really not worth the wait. Spread your money out around your every-day bag, in little pockets and zips just in case. Finally, your phone. We all know that not taking one at all isn’t an option, I mean how are you going to record every minute of you’re weekend in photos and videos of you singing horrendously in the background of listening to your favourite artist.  If you have a old mobile than I would strongly recommend taking that however if you’re feeling brave make sure you at least put a case on for a little bit of protection AND keep it somewhere safe.


You can always over pack when it comes to toiletries. Miniatures of everything is your safest option. Along with extra loo roll and a hell of a lot of baby wipes.


You can not go to a festival without baby wipes well you could but you would probably regret it. If you are going to be avoiding showers all weekend then please do take some with you. You can use them for literally everything from freshening up, to wiping your make-up. They definitely do come in handy at some point. Deodorant is another must if your staying clear of showering, not just for yourself but for the people around you.


Even on those over-cast days you will most likely still burn. Make sure your protecting your skin by covering up or applying sun cream. The last thing you want to be doing is lying in your tent un-well.


This may seem silly as everybody gives up on what they look like after Day 2, however having a little compact mirror with you means being able to do you make-up in your tent and not having to trek to the Refresh tent which is most likely located at the furtherest point away from your tent. Trust me it’s an essential.


Believe it or not, tissues and loo roll will probably be your life saver whilst at a festival, never expect portaloos to actually have any. Carrying a packet of tissues in your everyday bag will come in handy more times than you think.


When it comes to choosing a bag for a festival you don’t want anything too over-sized. Something small and that will fit across your body is perfect, or even a little bum bag so it is constantly in your sight. Some people may not even find a bag necessary however there are things you tend to need whilst in the arena.


A small purse is always handy for holding your cash and ID, however if you have small little pockets in your bag it may be a good idea to spread your money out between them so if someone was to go into your bag they wouldn’t get all of it. Just don’t forget where you’ve put it. If your unlucky and will more than likely need your ID then don’t forget to pack it otherwise it’ll be a long day just drinking water. ( Still drink water though, lots of it!! )


As for toiletries miniatures are the best idea. Deodorant, hand gel and wipes are your top 3 to take in your bag, maybe even a little dry shampoo if you really want to.


Sunglasses are a must when it comes to festivals. A simple but stylish pair that will go with all your outfits is the safest bet. We’ve gone with some Classic Ray-Ban® Clubmaster’s for our pick.


Finally, HAVE FUN, you’re at a festival!!