Fendi – The Queen of Cateye Sunglasses

An assortment of Fendi’s stunning cateye sunglasses

Fendi is one of the biggest fashion houses in Italy. Whereas many of Italy’s biggest fashion brands grew out of Milan’s fashion scene, Fendi was founded and flourished in Rome, giving it a completely different aesthetic from many of the other big Italian designers. Fendi dates back to 1925 and it was founded by Adele and Edoardo Fendi. The brand started out as a fur specialist, but it has grown into a huge fashion house, with ready-to-wear clothing lines, accessories, shoes, fragrances, and an incredible eyewear collection. As we’ve written brand spotlights about Fendi in the past, we’ve decided to focus in on one style of sunglasses Fendi does better than anyone else… cateye sunglasses!

Some Background on Fendi

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As we said in the introduction, Fendi was founded in 1925 and it has been Rome’s biggest fashion house ever since the mid-1960s, when Karl Lagerfeld took over as Creative Director. Of course, Lagerfeld went on to bring out his own brand, but his talents helped shaped the Fendi brand into the nuanced, intelligent designer label we know today.

Fendi makes both men’s and women’s products, and big names in the male fashion industry, like MR PORTER, are huge supporters of Fendi’s aesthetic. However, it’s Fendi’s approach to the more feminine cateye sunglasses that impresses us most; you can check out our entire Fendi sunglasses collection, and you’ll probably notice how sleek and feminine many of its designs are. But what stands out most of all, is its effortless and often creative approach to the classic cateye style. We’re going to look at some of Fendi’s cateye sunglasses, discussing what’s so great about them and why you should add a pair of Fendi cateye sunglasses to your wardrobe!

Fendi Peekaboo Cateye Sunglasses

Fendi’s Peekaboo cateye sunglasses (topbottom)

Fendi’s Peekaboo cateye sunglasses have a classic cateye design that should appeal to anyone who prefers the vintage look. The dark Havana is especially retro. The cateye style dates back to the 50s and 60s and was often associated with women with beehive hairstyles, so there will probably always be a retro feel to them. Fendi has embraced this retro feel without overdoing it. If you’re looking for a classic pair of cateyes, then Peekaboos are probably your best bet.

Fendi’s Iridia Crystal Cateye Sunglasses

Fendi’s Iridia Crystal cateye sunglasses (topbottom)

Fendi’s Irida Crystal sunglasses have the essential cateye flick in the outer upper corners, but the square shape of the rims is, otherwise, a lot less feline. The square rims are accentuated by the sharper edge on the browline. These harder angles really tap into the style’s 50s and 60s roots, but the square design updates them slightly, making them perfect for women who already have a pair of traditional cateyes and are on the lookout for something new.

Fendi’s Rainbow Cateye Sunglasses

Fendi’s Rainbow cateye sunglasses (topbottom)

If your preference is for rounded, sleek cateye designs, then you’ll probably love Fendi’s Rainbow cateye sunglasses. This design modernises the classic cateye look by adding a striking horizontal bridge and the colourful triangles at the hinges help break up the round curves and shapes with some sharper angles. This is the kind of impressive, subtle eyewear design we’ve come to expect from Fendi.

Fendi’s Lei Cateye Sunglasses

Fendi’s Lei cateye sunglasses (topbottom)

Fendi’s amazing Lei cateye sunglasses have a lot in common with the Rainbow design we discussed above. They have the same striking horizontal bridge and the same thin metal frame. However, the tilted teardrop design is slightly different with the Lei design, as Fendi has put larger triangles in the upper corners of the rims. This design demonstrates Fendi’s subtle eyewear aesthetic, and that they can take one idea and evolve it in different clever ways. The Lei and the Rainbow have a lot in common, but they have enough differences to make them attractive to different people.

Fendi’s Eyeshine Cateye Sunglasses

Fendi’s Eyeshine cateye sunglasses (topbottom)

Fendi’s Eyeshine sunglasses take a classic cateye design (round rim with cateye brow) and modernise it with an ultra-shiny modern finish. Another modernising feature of Eyeshine sunglasses is the gap between the rims and the brow. The effect of this gap is quite striking: it highlights the geometrical shape of the brow and the lenses, which makes Eyeshine sunglasses a completely fresh addition to our wider range of cateye sunglasses range .

Fendi’s Paradeyes Cateye Sunglasses

Fendi’s Paradeyes cateye sunglasses (topbottom)

The Paradeye sunglasses from Fendi have the overal classic cateye silhouette, straight from the 50s. However, this classic shape has been updated by a few clever design elements. There are two frame outlines here (the inner and the outer) and these different frames have contrasting colours or patterns. Another element of the Paradeye style is the gap between the two frames that can be seen along the outer edges of the inner frame shape. By experimenting with colours, patterns, and gaps between the inner and outer frames, Fendi has created a pair of cateye sunglasses that feel completely new whilst still referencing the original 50s designs we all know and love. This is one of the best examples of a designer seamlessly combining vintage and contemporary forms.

Fendi’s Orchidea Cateye Sunglasses

Fendi’s Orchidea cateye sunglasses (topbottom)

The last sunglasses style we’re looking at today, is Fendi’s Orchidea design. From the picture above you’ll see the standard, slighter Orchidea design on top, and the thicker, chunkier Fashion Show Orchidea below. Put above and below each other, you can see the same basic cateye shape in both models, but the overall finish is drastically different. The classic Orchidea design is slender and very feminine; it has a particularly feminine aesthetic with modern zig-zag arms on the side. The Fashion Show version, however, feels like the future seem from the 1980s. The sharp outer edges take the softer, feminine shapes from the basic Orchidea design, but they add a sense of strength a confidence that is sure to get you noticed.


There are even more cateye sunglasses styles in our Fendi eyewear collection, but that’s all we have time for today. We hope we’ve done justice to Fendi’s incredible cateye sunglasses range and that we’ve inspired a few readers to add a new pair of cateye sunglasses to their wardrobe. The cateye is one of the most dynamic eyewear styles and we’re pleased to offer so many different cateye sunglasses here at B Sunglasses!