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Gucci show at Milan fashion week.

What’s everyone talking about from fashion week? With an eternal challenge to bring some innovation to the table, let’s take a look at which designers delivered this season.


A buzz of excitement can be felt throughout the city as London fashion week takes place. Named an ‘experimental playground’ by Alexa Chung, designers flock from worldwide to present their new visions after 6 months preparation. There were more people attending than ever this year, in traders and consumers, and it has to be said that most eyes were focussed on Burberry.

Burberry’s new ‘see now, buy now’ collection has had everyone’s tongues wagging as they transform the workings of fashion week and have their collection immediately ready to purchase off the runway. Christopher Bailey, the driving force of Burberry, said he hoped this bold move would “allow us to build a closer connection between the experience that we create with our runway shows and the moment when people can physically explore the collections for themselves.” Of course with anything new, people were asking ‘will this work?’ Actually it seems to be a great success- within hours of the show much of the collection was sold out online and in their boutique store on Regent Street.

But that’s not all the news from Burberry. The designers delivered a double whammy this season with their collection of gender fluidity as the male and female collections were showcased together. Drawing inspiration from Virginia Woolf’s ‘Orlando’, a novel breaking expectations of time and gender as the protagonist lives for four decades and flits between genders, Burberry showcased gender neutral clothing such as trench coats, wide trousers and piped silk pyjamas. The buzz surrounding the show was heightened as it was staged in Foyle’s book shop with a copy of ‘Orlando’ on every seat.


Gender neutral collection by Burberry.
Gender neutral collection by Burberry.

Topshop was another brand catching attention at London Fashion week with their collection, similar to Burberry, being immediately purchasable. With 60% of their collection, named simply ‘September 2016’, available to buy at the end of the show.

Other amazing shows of London fashion week you ask? We’ve got plenty. Poppy Okotcha, featured in Vogue as one of the ‘5 It-Brit Models of London Fashion Week’ earlier this year, gave the team at B Sunglasses a bit of insight into this seasons fashion week where she has been modelling for designers such as Ryan Lo, Shrimps, Mimi Wade and J. Js Lee. Poppy told us – “My favourite designer/show this season is hands down Gucci, they just got a new creative director and in my eyes he has totally turned the brand around. Rich brocades, patterns and colour where a weird 80s is mixed in with 50s, 18th century and 2000s vibe. For example track suit bottoms under corseted dresses. So long as Alessandro Michele is directing for Gucci I would love to walk their show.”

Poppy Okotcha walking for Ryan Lo.
Poppy Okotcha walking for Ryan Lo.


Following London fashion week, the fashionistas of the world headed to Italy for Milan fashion week that began on 21st September.

One of the stars of the week, Dolce & Gabbana, surprised everyone with a flamboyant display of their collection this season. The Italian brand opened their show with banana trees, coconuts, white sand and a big red sign saying “Tropico Italiano” and street dancers hit the catwalk in flash mob style.

The collection centred on Southern Italy and the designs were enough to make the audience hungry. Skirts, dresses, and pyjamas were printed with pasta, fish, ice cream, tomatoes and bread and were bright, loud, and eye-catching. In a statement explaining the show Dolce & Gabbana said “The starting point is no longer the outfit itself. It’s the desire to tell our story, reveal an emotion, a way of life.” The finale came as the models walked as a group, made up of several famous faces (including Hailey Baldwin and Taylor Hill), all in matching D&G t-shirts and mini-skirts adorned with shimmering bows and alongside the models were the street dancers from the opening.

Dolce & Gabbana finale.
Dolce & Gabbana finale.


Another innovative move from designers at Milan fashion week came from using older women to model their collections. Bottega Veneta, received huge applause as 72-year-old Lauren Hutton, strutted onto the catwalk looking flawless. Other designers such as Versace, using Naomi Campbell, 46, had a similar approach in using models the same age as the women who would actually buy the clothes. A simple but amazingly effective idea that makes the collections more accessible.



Paris fashion week is still very much in full swing after opening on Tuesday with showcases from designers such as Paule Ka and YSL.

With new creative director Anthony Vaccarello showing his first debut collection for YSL, there was an excited build up to their show. The venue space was especially symbolic of his debut, being held in the half-finished building on the Left Bank, which will soon become the new headquarters and a neon YSL sign hanging from a crane. The show was open to the elements and had a mirrored ceiling, showing the models reflection as they walked. Black and bold was the message of the show with sharp cuts, leather and glitter. Our personal favourite at B Sunglasses- stilettos with the YSL logo carved into their heel.

Another eye-catching addition to Paris fashion week was Rihanna presenting her Puma x Fenty collection of sports chic wear which was streamed lived on Wednesday on Jay-Z’s site ‘Tidal’. Inspired by Marie-Antoinette, Rihanna brought high fashion together with the street and the gym with her collection of floral, pastel pink, lace street wear that included pieces such as a corseted hoody. It was very fitting that her elaborate Marie-Antoinette designs were showcased in Paris, in comparison to the more gritty collection presented at New York fashion week in February. Rihanna even had Anward Hadid, brother of the famous Gigi and Bella, modelling her collection.

With many more loved designers to showcase, such as Comme des Garçons, Alexander McQueen, and Miu Miu on Wednesday for the closing day, we’re excited to see what more Paris fashion week has to bring.

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