Fashion Friday – Spring Trends

The end of April is always an exciting time of the year. The sun finally decides to show its’ face (through small spells of snow at the moment) but as May begins there is a noteable shift in peoples wardrobes.The latest spring trends include brighter colours and lighter, happier clothes start to make an appearance. We take a look at what some of the industry experts are saying is this seasons spring style, and how to make the transition from your bulky, knitted jumpers to some cooler, albeit weatherproof looks.


It’s a tough time to get your wardrobe right, which is why it is essential you layer your look properly. Particularly because the weather is so unpredictable, one minute it can be sweltering hot and the next a torrential downpour will sweep in and ruin your BBQ after five minutes of lighting the coals. The key to layering your look is to find items of clothing that match each other in terms of colour as well as their fit. For example, a nice light t-shirt underneath a shirt followed by maybe a thicker over-shirt or a light pullover and a nice light material jacket.


There are some really great brands producing beautiful colours of raincoats at the moment. A lot of the brands are coming from the rainy Scandinavian countries. Believe it or not it rains equally as much if not more in countries like Denmark than it does in the UK. Brands like Rains and Stutterheim are flying the flag in this area, or you can find some great ones from British brands like Sea Salt Cornwall.

‘Out there’ Eyewear

Alexander McQueen Edge Cut Out Aviator Sunglasses in Gold Grey

One of the big emerging spring trends is the quirky and often extravagant sunglasses styles that some of the big designers are putting out this season. Brands seem to have been really playful with their latest collections, playing with dramatic reiterations of classic styles as well as creating their own brand new shape. A lot of these spring trends can be seen on some of the hottest celebrities of the moment, as well as on the streets’ fashionistas in many street style blogs and Instagram pages.

These Wendy sunglasses by Jimmy Choo are a perfect example. Jimmy Choo is playing with a rounded, retro look by giving a sort of space-age film from the 90’s kind of vibe. They come in either a classic Black or Havana colour and feature the signature luxury detailing of glitter on the side of the frames.

These Marc Jacobs Oversize Square sunglasses in Blue black are another example of sunglasses that are meant to be worn as a real statement piece. The huge square frames are super trendy and look surprisingly good with most face shapes. Wear with confidence.

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