Fashion Friday – Past vs Future

The beauty of fashion is that it will constantly evolve, new minds re imagining past shapes or creating totally new concepts. The two can live perfectly in harmony when done right, but we decided to pitch styles from the past vs the future to see the difference (and similarities) of retro style compared to contemporary fashion. Whenever there is a completely new concept or style created, there will always be an argument for what original piece has been the inspiration. Some people’s style definitely suit a more retro shape of sunglasses better, while others will prefer a more avant-garde frame to match their style. We pitch Past vs future against each other with some of our latest sunglasses to hit B Sunglasses.


First, we take a look at retro inspired sunglasses from some of our favourite designers this season. The selection to pick from is almost endless, but we have selected three styles that truly represent a particularly iconic frame updated with the designers own personal touch.

Calvin Klein Classic Sunglasses

These Calvin Klein sunglasses take the iconic wayfarer frame and update them with a purple tinted lens. They are beautifully crafter and feature two metal stud details on either side giving them an even more classic look. The collection is brand new to B Sunglasses, but plays with many classic frames which definitely give the retro inspired Calvin Klein collection a stern voice in the past vs future argument.

Polaroid Metal Round Sunglasses

This pair of Polaroid PLD 2053/S L7Q 51 Metal Round Sunglasses in Gold Orange Polarised give a classic silhouette an updated and modern aesthetic.
Polaroid is a Swiss sunglasses and polarised lenses company with some of the most cutting-edge lens manufacturing technology in the entire world. One thing they can do is produce lenses that are much thicker in the centre, which allows for greater bend in the lens than with other manufacturers. Crafted in an round silhouette in light gold metal frame, tortoiseshell temple tips and finished with timeless 51mm copper polarised lenses, these Polaroid sunglasses are perfect for those who are after a timeless yet quirky aesthetic.

Saint Laurent Classic Aviator

The Aviator sunglasses are one of if not the most iconic frames of sunglasses money can by. The name was given to them as they were designed for fighter pilots in the American Air Force, but have since been worn by pretty much anyone including the worlds’ most stylish names in Hollywood, Fashion, Sports and whatever else you can think of. These Saint Laurent sunglasses offer a luxurious option for an understated, minimalist pair of aviators.


Polaroid Fine Metal Cateye Sunglasses

The cateye sunglasses frame is nothing new, but the technology and bright blue sheen to these Polaroid sunglasses give them a super futuristic look. They also incorporate Polaroid’s innovative polarisation technology in the lenses, and the forward thinking materials to create a comfortable, long lasting sunglasses frame. A good shout for the futuristic among us in the past vs future debate.

Smith Lowdown DL Sunglasses

With 50 years of innovation and design experience, Smith is widely known today as an industry leader that pioneers advanced eyewear that incorporate dynamic technologies, optimized performance and clean styling to fuel fun beyond walls. To Smith, the experience is everything, so and with their amazing Chromapop lens technology you can expect the best possible experience

Fendi Geometric Sunglasses

The geometric frames on these Fendi sunglasses give them a really modern aesthetic. The designer Karl Lagerfeld always has an eye for the futuristic, and these sunglasses are no exception. The tortoiseshell frames paired with the pink tinted lenses bring them back down to retro town but all in all we think they are fighting the contemporary corner in the battle of past vs future.