Fashion Friday – NYFW Roundup

Today New York Fashion Week 17 is coming to a close, so let us recap what has been going on. It’s no surprise that there was a heavy element of politics shrouding the event, given what has been going on in the states over the past year. In what seems to be the most turbulent presidential election for decades, we have seen a country divided in to many parts. This was evident in many of the shows this year, many playing on the uniting of the American people, others focusing on the repression of the minorities.


Not only this, we have seen the impact that social media is having on the world. Where the most notable and well received faces at NYFW have been subjects brought to fame via ‘memes’, stealing the limelight from the supermodels and designers alike. And we all know how much they like being the center of attention.
Remember the notoriously good looking criminal, Jeremy Meeks? His mugshot went viral across the internet after he was arrested, where women across the globe swooned at his stunningly chiseled face and blue eyes. Well, at Phillip Plein’s runway show he was the center of attention once again. The ex-convict walked the runway wearing the flashy designs synonymous with Plein. Joining Meeks were various rappers including Young Thug amongst others.

Credit – Jeremy Meeks Instagram

Even more bizarrely, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz was included walking down the runway. The whole thing of the show was distinctively All American, the great United States of the U.S.A! There were giant inflatable Bald Eagles, human statue of liberties and enough alcohol to sink a fleet of pirates. Alexander Wang is famous for his after show parties at fashion weeks, but it looks like he’s going to have to move over for Phillip Plein.

Then there was all of the protest t-shirts and caps seen at many of the shows. ‘Make America New York’ caps, ‘The Future is Female’ T-shirts just to name a couple. All definite nods towards the approval or more disapproval of President Trump. Other slogans included ‘I am an Immigrant’, in protest to the Muslim Ban that Trump is attempting to impose and ‘Revolution Has No Borders’. Many state that fashion is the perfect outlet to express political and social views through art, whereas others feel that fashion and politics should never be mixed. Check out creative consultant Ian Connor’s views on the issue:

Kanye West presented the first looks at Yeezy Season 5, where models were projected on to a huge screen before actually walking down the runway itself. All to the soundtrack of The Dream, playing on repeat. There was rumours that there would be collaboration with Drake, however this was not the case. Instead, highlights from the show were the printed ‘Calabasas’ on many of the garments as well as some brand new footwear.

Finally, the last show of NYFW has always got to be Marc Jacobs. A firm favourite here at B Sunglasses and this year a much needed breath of fresh air. Marc Jacobs said that the collection was inspired by the Hip-Hop Evolution, which traces the genre from the 1970s to the ’90s. Jacobs said these clothes represented “respect,” and were an ode to the influence Hip Hop has had on art and style where the designer has grown up. Oh, and Katy Perry was there incognito.

Check out Marc Jacobs latest collection here.