Fashion Friday – New Years’ Eve Outfit

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As 2017 draws to a dramatic close and 2018 brings hope and celebration, you want to be looking your best in your New Years’ Eve outfit. For some, NYE is the biggest night of the year, and the chance to really go for it with a new outfit. This can also bring stress, self-doubt and just a general degree of sartorial panic. But fear not, we have got you covered. Just remember the key things about going out on New Year. Number 1: It’s going to be really, really cold so whatever you opt for make sure it keeps you warm. Check out below for some of our top tips on stealing the show with your New Years’ Eve outfit this year.

new year photo
Photo by Sadie Hernandez


New Year’s Eve is the one night of the year that you can really go hard with the sequins. It doesn’t even have to just be one item of clothing, but you can go head to toe in sequins and nobody is allowed to say anything to you because it’s New Year and you are looking fabulous. Why not complete the full outfit with some sequined Miu Miu sunglasses like these Cut-Out round ones 


Look for a dress or shirt with some fancy embroidery or embelishments on. This is a very stylish look at the moment and can transform a simplistic look in to a really interesting, glamorous one. We really love some of the shirts Our Legacy are doing at the moment for men. If it’s a dress you are going for try something from Gucci’s latest collection. The floral designs of Gucci are evident in all of their latest garments and would love absolutely perfect accompanying you in to the new year.


This is a really important one. Layers can not only add a lot of depth and creativity to an outfit, but they also help keep you warm. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a party dress you wear out, but you can opt for a stylish overcoat and smart trousers. When worn properly, this outfit can make you look really sophisticated but still maintain that element of fun you want to have while you’re out. Definitely one to go for if you are planning on being outside watching fireworks.

So there is some of our top tips on your New Years’ Eve outfit, we hope we have helped you decided. If you have any hot tips for an outfit or just want to share what you are wearing don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.