Fashion Friday: London Fashion Week Men 2018

As the global political madness continues to develop, and social and cultural shifts are gaining momentum at a rapid rate thanks to global connectivity it comes as no surprise as to how some of the themes are playing out at this years London Fashion Week Men. Some of the parties were a definite talking point this year, and London designer Matthew Miller kicked off his show with a series of live performances from grime artists (very London) and a trippy goth act.



mens fashion photo
Photo by erikjorgensen303

GQ described London Fashion Week Men 2018 like this “Three days, 35 shows and a triple rollover hangover later and the 11th season of London Fashion Week Men is over. Today the menswear crew moves on to Pitti, but not before they gave it their all last night for one mother of a blowout.” sounds pretty exciting right? Right. You can read the entirety of GQ’s coverage of the past few days here . Antics include which male model got voted for “The Best Walk of All” and police threatening to shut down Tinie Tempah’s “What we wear” show.

The schedule for this years’ London Fashion Week Men had been cut down by one day, meaning that there was less shows but most will argue that made them have more impact. Even though there were less days to fit the brands in to, there was also less brands showing this year. This was for a number of reasons, for example a lot of brands now show their Men’s and Women’s collections at the same time, or have gender neutral collections. Strategies such as this make the shows more exciting, can cut costs massively for designers as well as fill the void between gender specific garments that can restrict accessibility as well as hinder creativity.

There was definitely an emphasis on British culture this year, with brands such as Belstaff announcing that it would be moving its manufacturing back to the UK and presenting a collection reminiscent of the mods and rockers era in the UK. As usual there was a whole host of celebrities present at the shows, including firm favourite Idris Elba, fashion greats such as David Gandy and Oliver Cheshire and the aforementioned Tinie Tempah just to name a few. One name that seems to be getting a lot of attention in the fashion world is Arsenal footballer Hector Bellerin. He seems to be something of a fashionista and has been pictured on quite a few occasions wearing designer gear like his outfit wearing women’s pajamas and lavish Gucci loafers.