Fashion Friday: Hitting the Slopes

If you’re looking for a reason for going on a skiing holiday, the list is endless. Apres-Ski is a word thrown around when a mountain holiday is mentioned, and for good reason. But its not just the drinking that makes it an ever increasing holiday destination, there is a whole world of opportunity for all ages. With a new climate to your average beach holiday, comes a whole new wardrobe to think about to hit the snow beach.

snowboarding photo

Why you should go

First, to entice you to go on the holiday in the first place we visited “” to discover 50 GREAT THINGS ABOUT SKI HOLIDAYS

1 – Après-ski: Goes without saying.
2 – Autumn Glacier Skiing: Yes, we wish we were skiing now (actually, why aren’t we?). It always feels good to grab a short ski break before the main season begins and be first on the slopes each season.
3 – Big Air Bags: You can be a hero, just for one day.
4 – Black Runs: You’ve got to scare yourself every now and then.
5 – Chairlift Chat: OK, sometimes awkward but nice when you unexpectedly meet someone interesting for a few minutes. Some resorts even organise chairlift speed dating on Valentine’s Day.
6 – Champagne Bars: Somehow champagne and snow perfectly complement each other. Then again, so do beer and snow. Wine and snow …
7 – Christmas on the Slopes: Always better than Christmas back home, it’s white for one thing, and if you go to Lapland, you can meet Santa before he sets off.
8 – Cross-Border Skiing: It still feels cool to ski over the border from Austria to Switzerland at Ischgl, France to Italy (La Rosière and La Thuile) or at a dozen other ski border crossings.
9 – Duty-Free Après-Ski: Even better than regular après-ski … in Andorra, Livigno and Samnaun.
10 – Espresso: Made properly for a euro on the slopes in Italy.

To find out the rest of the awesome reasons, head over to the full article here

What to wear?

  • Helmet – First things first, invest in a good quality helmet. Make sure it is comfy (some can be incredibly itchy). You can get some pretty trendy helmets nowadays so if you shop around a little it’s easy to find one that matches your style.
  • Beanie – When you’re living it up on the mountain, you need to keep your noggin warm. You can definitely afford to be a little more adventurous than usual, so opt for something that’s bright in colour.
  • Jacket – Finding a specialised jacket can be tricky, but it’s also really fun. They come in so many different styles, where a lot of the locals will opt for baggy, oversized styles, others may want to opt for something a little more slimmer fitting.


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