Fashion Friday – Hip Hop & Sunglasses

Whether it’s in music videos, award ceremonies, in a nightclub or even just at home, you can pretty much guarantee your favourite rapper will be adorning some flash shades.

It’s a wonder why more sunglasses designers don’t tap this industry as a constant form of product placement. From old school MC’s like Run DMC, Easy-E and Afrika Bimbaataa to new the new school artists like Future and Migos, they all have their own unique style and always wear sunglasses. Check out this awesome music video by Migos (Explicit) and the seriously cool sunglasses they feature throughout.

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Much like the rest of fashion, styles seem to come back around again. You can see the same vintage Gucci shades that Biggie wore back in the day are also popular in the current day with artists such as Drake. However the Canadian rapper has also been seen recently in a white pair of Saint Laurent California Sunglasses, which seem to be pretty popular for both men and women of late.

Saint Laurent SL 98 California Sunglasses in Ivory

British grime legend and friend of Drake, Skepta has also been seen at various fashion weeks recently wearing some pretty eye catching eyewear. Again, seeming to prefer the very in fashion vintage rounded frames seen here on the artists Instagram.


We also love this throwback of DJ Jazzy Jeff, doing what he does best. This image in particular was taken back in the mid 90’s and as you can see the artist was wearing some metal framed aviators, with a light gradient lens. The sunglasses actually go really well with his sculpted cheekbones, but we don’t know if he meant that…


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Who can forget Kanye West’s signature 2009 aviator sunglasses (if you can call them that). They featured shutter like slats over the front of each lens giving off a futuristic feel. I can’t imagine he could have seen very much through them, mind. The rapper has long since upgraded his style but I think we can definitely put them down as iconic.


Interestingly, this new creation from eyewear brand Ace & Tate are another crazy design. It will be interesting to see if this sort of style catches on. The sunglasses were created in collaboration with filmmakers Larnard & Sanders and are said to mimic the facial expressions you may hide behind your sunglasses, in a cartoon style. The sunglasses are really limited but I wonder if we’ll see more brands doing creative things with their lenses in the future.