Fashion Friday: Why you should stay clear of Fake Luxury goods

Research suggests about three million consumers every year buy fake luxury goods carrying one of the top designer labels, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry or Gucci. Nearly a third of the sales are over the internet. This is a whopping figure, and the majority of consumers already know that what they’re purchasing is not the real deal, a fugaze as Donny Brasco would say. But the majority of consumers have no idea where their money is going, or what their product is even made of. We take a look inside the world’s enormous fake luxury goods market to make you think twice next time you make a purchase.


Most counterfeited brands

According to “The trade in counterfeited goods is worth a whopping $462 billion a year, according to a recent study by the OECD and the EU’s Intellectual Property Office, with the biggest brands taking the biggest hit. A massive 63.2% of knockoffs originate in China, and American brands are the most faked.” So what brands are the most counterfeited? Well, since you’re reading this I bet you know one of them we will be focussing on.
Yes that’s right; Ray-Ban® is one of the most commonly counterfeited brands in the world. The market is flooded with bogus sunglasses, and Ray-Ban® shades are the most counterfeited. Some of the fakes are so good that it would take an industry expert (like us) to be able to identify a fake, unless you know the signs to look out for. Although it is hard for the naked eye to tell any immediate differences, counterfeit Ray-Ban® offer no UV protection, can often be painted with lead paint and have in many cases left and imprint on the face of an unsuspecting tourist from the dye running out of them. They can be extremely damaging to your eyes and the money from them is often going to criminal organisations. You’re better off investing in some real ones.

Name and Shame

It would be rude not to share some of our favourite fake luxury goods with you, so here it goes.
First we have Michealsoft Binbows, which we presume is someone’s attempt of ripping of software giant Windows. Whoever Michealsoft is, we would like to meet him.

There is not much we can really say about this one, other than wow. Go Special Man!

Finally, we have a Chinese imitation of one of our favourite brands; Dolce & Gabbana. Although this one probably looks more at home at a grocery store!
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