Fashion Friday: Face Shapes Guide – (Square Face Shape)

For the second installment of our Face Shapes Guide, we take a look at what sunglasses would be suit someone with a square face shape. If you’re unsure what the shape of your face actually is, we would suggest spending a bit of time studying it in the mirror, or asking an honest friend or family member. Those with a square face shape, this one’s for you.

If you’re looking for a celebrity as a guide to the square face shape, we would suggest looking towards those with really defined jawbones. For women, we think a perfect example of the square face shape is Emma Bunton. The main rule of thumb when picking sunglasses for a square face shape is to avoid square sunglasses. For women’s sunglasses, it is best to pick round sunglasses. So pretty much the opposite to last weeks’ face shape guide (you get the idea: round + round = big no no, round + square = success.)

Women with Square Faces

“So what sunglasses do I pick?” I hear you ask. Well for women we think these Tom Ford Round Oversize Sunglasses in Bone. The bone colourway of them is perfect for the summer and will be easy to style with pretty much any outfit. The oversize round frame will look perfect on a squarer face as it will balance out your features and sit perfectly. Alternatively, you could opt for something with a more oval shape. Pretty much anything that avoids sharp edged frames.

Men with Square Faces

The squarer face is quite a masculine feature to have, and can be seen on many of the world’s most manly men in the Hollywood spotlight. We decided to go for one of the manliest movie characters to really highlight this. What could be more masculine than the Incredible Hulk? Well actor Mark Ruffalo who plays the Incredible Hulk in the Avengers movie franchise has a really square face, which fits his character perfectly.

So what sunglasses would Mark Ruffalo wear? Well, in similar fashion to the way we picked out the women’s, we would suggest looking through men’s round sunglasses. If you don’t want a fully round style, look for a frame that has smoother edges, rather than a more angular shape. We have picked out on style we think is the perfect pairing for a square face shape. These Ray-Ban® Blaze Clubmasters in black are a brand new collection from Ray-Ban®, and look absolutely amazing with the sun beaming off them. The rounded lenses make them perfect for a squarer face.

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