Fashion Friday: Face Shapes Guide – (Round Face Shape)

Hello and welcome to the first installment of our series of guides. The aim of the project is to help you pick the perfect sunglasses, based on an informed decision from the experts. This week we focus on the right sunglasses if you have a round face shape. As offensive as it may seem for someone to tell you that you have a round head, knowing such a fact can help you greatly when it comes down to styling your perfect look.

Introduction to the Round Face

Our first point kind of states the obvious, but is probably the most important factor to consider. If you have a round shaped face, stay away from round shaped sunglasses or glasses. Round sunglasses will do one thing to you and one thing only; accentuate your roundness. Nobody wants double round. It’s definitely advisable to opt in for sunglasses that are more angular, something that can contrast nicely with your face and in doing so balance out your features.

If you’re a bit stuck with figuring out if you have a round face or not, here are some examples of celebrities who we think have a round face. This should also serve as proof that having a round face in no means indicates you aren’t absolutely gorgeous.

Women with Round Faces

To balance out the spherical nature of Mila’s face, we have opted for a pair of Fendi Sunglasses. Karl Lagerfeld often includes harsh, dramatic edges in his Fendi Sunglasses frames. He then combines this with intricate detailing on the frames and pairs them with bold lenses. We particularly like these Fendi Colour Block Square Sunglasses in Black Pink, they are a perfect example of how Fendi are combining subtle colours with bold shapes this season.

Men with Round Faces

A perfect example of a round faced man is Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington. The British actor who plays fan favourite Jon Snow has a curly mane of hair atop a round yet rugged face. For men the same rule applies when it comes to sunglasses; opt for a frame with a more square frame or harsher edges.

We would suggest some of these Cazal 8022 Sunglasses in Green Camouflage, they’re a classic Cazal frame due to the geometric shapes and oversize lenses. The camouflage frame is new for this season and the German eyewear specialists have really created something special. We particularly like the unusual shape of the lenses, which are in a kind of distorted hexagonal shape. This is why the sunglasses would be perfect for a round face shape.

If you want to check out more styles that would suit a round face shape, take a look at our full range of Square Sunglasses.