Fashion Friday: Face Shapes Guide – (Oval Face Shape)

In the final instalment of our face shape guide, we take a look at the oval face shape. If you’re still a little bit stuck on what face shape you actually are, you may need to look in to it further. Admittedly, there are some grey areas where your face may be a hybrid of say round and oval face shapes. Even the experts here at B Sunglasses admit that the line between some face shapes is blurry at best.

Introduction to the oval

To best describe an oval face shape, you have to look at your cheekbones, jawline, forehead and chin. If none of these features are particularly defined but align nicely together, it’s likely you have an oval face shape. Fear not, it is one of the best face shapes to have. According to scientific studies, those with an oval face shape are actually more attractive to the opposite sex. Not only are you more attractive, you will suit a whole range of different eyewear styles.


If you are a woman with an oval face shape, it means you can get away with wearing pretty much any style of eyewear. This also rings true when it comes to your hairstyle, although Cosmopolitan recommends that you go for shoulder length bangs. When we did some digging in to what female celebrities have an oval face shape that you can compare yourself to, we found that there’s quite a few. Amongst those that have stood out, we thought Jessica Alba is a pretty good example of someone with an oval face shape. The actress’s beautifully oval face has been seen in many great movies, including cult favourite Sin City.

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As a man with an oval face shape, you are in the same fortunate position as your female counterparts. Your oval face means you can suit many different variations of hair cuts and eyewear. According to esquire, and oval face shape should opt for a longer, pushed back fringe with cropped sides. One man that suits this is actor Ryan Gosling. The Hollywood heart throb definitely has an oval shaped face and I am fairly certain you won’t have a problem with being compared to him.

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