Fashion Friday: Face Shapes Guide – (Diamond Face Shape)

Fashion Friday: Face Shapes Guide – (Diamond Face Shape)
Welcome to the third instalment of our face shape guide. Previously we have shown you what frames you should be wearing if you have a round face, and what if you are a square faced individual. Here, we concentrate on the diamond face shape. Now, if you are one of the individuals out there that happens to have a diamond face shape then lucky you. You have been gifted with a lovely structured cheekbone, jawline and chin. Not only this, but pretty much any style of glasses or sunglasses should (hopefully) suit your beautifully formed bonce.

For women, you have a massive choice of gorgeous celebrities to compare your diamond face shape to. Think Halle Berry, Ashley Green and Scarlett Johansson. Yeah exactly, lucky you. Scarlett Johansson is a good example of the diamond face shape as you can see from this image her chin forms a subtle point whilst her cheekbones are high up and well defined.


In terms of sunglasses, since you can pretty much pick any style we would suggest going all out and getting something that really stands out. You should celebrate your ability of suiting any frame of sunglasses by wearing ones that nobody else can pull off, but wishes they could. How about these Fendi Eyeshine Cateye Sunglasses.

For men, we think a prime example of a man with a diamond face shape has to be Johnny Depp. Seen here in an unusual duo photo shoot with rock legend Iggy Pop. You can see the ultra defined jawline that are so distinguishable on the actor who’s played everyone from Jack Sparrow to Donnie Brasco. Johnny Depp is another example of how incredibly lucky you are to have a diamond face shape.


Our suggestion for men’s sunglasses is pretty similar to the advice we would give to women. You can go for any style, so why not go for something bold that stands out? Try these Cazal 8022 Sunglasses. They’re awesome.

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