Fashion Friday – The Best Music Video Eyewear

Popular culture is always a great place to get fashion inspiration from, and there is no better place for your favourite stars to flash their new outfit than their music video. We’re not just talking sunglasses, though. Many big names are fond of the glasses look too, whether they actually need them or not. This also gives us a good opportunity to look back at some great music that we may or may not have forgotten.

jay-z photo

Pink – So What?

Pink has always been one for releasing a great music video, in this case she’s seen driving down the middle of the street on a miniature tractor and a flask in her hand…So what? We particularly like her oversize red sunglasses, where the frame appears to have been flipped on its head.

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Notorious B.I.G – Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

There are a lot of sunglasses featured in this 90’s smasher by the Notorious B.I.G. Definitely something that defined a good music video of the era. Check out the glasses in the thumbnail above, which are being used as a kind of parody effect in this case but ironically would look incredibly cool now.

We’ve included another Tom Ford pair to shop for this look, but only because they are pretty much identical.

Another pair we like in this music video are these black round frames as seen on Puff Daddy

Blur – Parklife

There aren’t many music videos more iconic in Britain than the one for Blur’s 1994 Parklife music video. The comic set of scenes mixed with social commentary of the time pair perfectly with the songs backdrop. The sunglasses seen on the thumbnail of the video are what attracted us to it, and the 90’s theme taking over the fashion world right now definitely fits with the look.

These New Wayfarer Sunglasses by Ray-Ban® have the same yellow tinted lenses that are all the rage at the moment.

George Michael – Faith

How could we forget the dark and stormy music video for George Michaels’ Faith. The heartthrob wore a pair of fetching aviators and a leather jacket, giving him a real mean rock’n’roll streak. The album Faith won the Grammy award for Album of the Year. It spent six non-consecutive weeks at #1 in the US!

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