Fashion Bloggers – The New Supermodel’s

The impact of Fashion bloggers and social media on the fashion industry has been monumental. A stratosphere of direct consumer engagement right at a businesses fingertips, and a portal for all to express creativity. In fashion, the internet is a place for people to discuss, review and flex. Youtube has long been the gateway for Vloggers to show off all kinds of their expertise including hair, make-up and travel. In the dark ages, before the prevalence of social media the place where you would find all of your fashion inspiration was either via sub-cultures and movements like the Punk-Rockers. Or you would find it on the Catwalk.

Christian wears Gucci Metal Bridge sunglasses in Havana 

Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and a whole host of musicians often set the trends for the latest fashion crazes. But now things are different. While we still maintain that Kate Moss is like the rock star of the Fashion scene, there are many new age influences popping up that have a far bigger impact on creating a hype around a particular style or brand. Brands have cottoned on to this, and now seek to advertise their wares via social media by getting their products worn by some of the most popular figures across the blog and social media scene.

Fashion bloggers seem to offer a new, more accessible interaction with consumers. Their clever use of photography mixed with a usually extravagant lifestyle make them the first port of call for users scrolling their feed looking for some style inspiration. It makes sense, think about how many people watch the adverts of a popular TV show. Quite a lot right? But then think how many of those people are paying attention, and how many the advert really even speaks to? On the other hand there’s famous fashion bloggers, who’s social media following can reach in to hundreds of millions of users who have a genuine interest in that person. So if one of them decides to feature a product of a brand they like, that brand has immediate recognition as a brand to like from millions of potential new customers.

Rudy wears Stella McCartney Peaked Round sunglasses in leopard

The nice thing about fashion bloggers is the incredible variety in taste. Some bloggers are like the gods of contemporary menswear, while others may be super inspiring mums who would fit in walking down a Gucci catwalk as much as they do taking their children on holiday. This is what makes fashion bloggers so popular, the fact that they give off an air of impossible cool while appealing to a specified genre of style.

Two of our favourite fashion bloggers here at B Sunglasses are ‘The Caribbean King’ Christian Bendek, and the gorgeous Charlotte Fisher. By incorporating their extravagant lifestyles with their impeccable taste in fashion, they have garnered attention from thousands of follower on their blogs and social media channels. Christian or ‘The Caribbean King’ has gained his reputation by swanning around his Caribbean hometown of Aruba while adorning some of the coolest high end garments, often found on the beach in some designer swim shorts and some amazing sunglasses…could it get any more perfect?

Charlotte wears Gucci Iconic Aviator Sunglasses 

Charlotte Fisher travels all over the world, while taking incredibly picturesque images featuring the latest fashion trends. Her style is unique, yet band on trend. What makes her posts so special is that they are so varied, one minute she is in the Bahamas, and the next Dubai. One thing that stays constant, though is her ability to style outfits that always look mesmerizing.