Exploring Bali

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Bali is paradise; both on camera and in reality. It has warm, welcoming people, delicious cuisine, and white sandy beaches that make you want to drop everything at home and move there. The wildlife is exotic and exciting, both in the sea and on land and its spirituality is captivating. Bali hosts options for any visitor, ranging from the luxury holiday and spa resort, to an elongated stop on a backpackers trail.


It’s nothing new to hear that the crystal clear waters of Bali are picture perfect, but with such a glorious coastline visitors are often spoilt for choice. Here’s a few tips of which beaches are best for which activity.

For sunbathing and swimming, head to Anur Beach, a stretch of gold sand several kilometres long. The waves are mild, the sea is completely clear for spotting sea creatures, and the atmosphere is completely relaxed. Another option is Nyang Nyang beach, slightly harder to reach but certainly worth the effort to visit this hidden gem. It’s calm and brilliantly beautiful.


Bali truly is a surfers paradise and the beaches are so varied there’s a place for every level of learner. The most popular beach in Bali, Kuta, is great for beginners as the soft tide and average wave height eases you in gently. There’s also an array of restaurants and cocktail bars for you when you’re ready for a break. Padang Padang beach is probably the most famous surfing beach in Bali but is only for the experts. The size of the waves ranges massively so can be dangerous unless you know what you’re doing.


And for some under the sea activity, Bali has plenty of diving options available. One of the best wreck diving sites in the world is in Bali, the USS Liberty Wreck, a liberty ship hit by a Japanese tornado now resting on a sand slope underwater. Here you may see black tip sharks, surgeonfish and garden eels. A beautiful must-see is Manta point diving site, where you can spot the manta rays as well as some beautiful coral. Finally, Crystal Bay hosts a collection of enchanting sea life to immerse yourself amongst, including the Mola Mola’s (oceanic sunfish), leopard sharks and eagle rays.




Visitors may go for the paradise of sun, sand and sea but they’ll sure leave remembering the delicious food Bali has to offer. From traditional street food, to patisseries, to fabulous seafood and fine-dining, there are endless options for food. Here’s some of the best meals you have to sink your teeth into.

Babi Guling:

Babi Guling, or Balinese Suckling Pig, has visitors’ mouths watering at just its smell. The tender meat is the Island’s most famous dish, and is seasoned with turmeric, spice paste and roasted over coconut husks or wood and served with its crispy skin.


Nasi Goreng:

Nasi Goreng is the most popular staple diet for the locals, eaten for three meals a day. It’s a simple but gorgeous dish of fried rice, vegetables, shallots, garlic, soy sauce and meat, topped with a fried egg.
Switch the rice for the noodles for a taste of Mee Goreng.


Pisang Goreng:
For Dessert it’s fried bananas. Served with pal sugar syrup, flaked coconut, ice cream or honey, this sweet treat always hits the spot.



Bali is rich in culture and wildlife, meaning there’s plenty to do and keep busy with away from the soft sands.
Uluwatu Temple is a sea temple, one the six key temples believe to be the spiritual pillars of Bali. It’s magnificently perched on a steep cliff and creates a dramatic view at sunset if you venture to see it from above.
Ubud is arguably the heart of Bali, and is therefore a crucial part of any trip to Bali. After being seen in the film ‘eat, pray, love’, featuring Julia Roberts, its popularity has soared. There’s so much to do, see and eat there, including yoga, meditation, arts, shopping, massages, markets, white water rafting and cooking classes.

The Gili Islands. It’s claimed to be one of the few places on earth we can still experience a true remote island and its beauty, and is completely serene. The islands are the archipelago of three islands and allow no motorized vehicles and host little tourist resort options.

For another view of Bali’s richly diverse wildlife, head to the Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site hosting reptiles, such as the Komodo Dragon, as well as other animals such as dolphins, whales and fruit bats.


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