Eyewear for Events

Our eyewear for events collection of blog posts takes a closer look at what’s hot or not in the world of designer sunglasses or designer glasses to wear for that special occasion or event.

What to Wear at Wimbledon

wimbledon photo
Photo by Roller Coaster Philosophy

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. Strawberries and cream, Andy Murray, glasses of Pimms, and even a handbook on “how to queue”; Wimbledon is quintessentially British. Its prestige is incredible, attracting both celebrities and royalty in their finest wears to watch the greatest tennis players compete. The tournament kicked off this week and although, of course, the focus is on the sports, Wimbledon fashion is always a delight. We’re exploring the best fashion of the week so far, as well as suggesting some looks for those heading off to see Wimbledon soon (or even just watching it on the telly in style).

Top Sunglasses to Wear to Watch the World Cup

world cup photo

Sit outside in the sun, or watch the footy inside? Although for some of us its a no-brainer – footy!- for those who don’t want to watch the sun rise and set from their window it can be a tough choice. Most pubs and bars have outdoor TV’s now, so thankfully you can have the best of both worlds. But the practicalities of trying to see the screen through the blazing sun can be and issue and can also be damaging to your eyes. Check out our top picks of sunglasses for you to enjoy the summer and not miss out on any of the World Cup excitement…