Elite Physique | An Interview With Elite

This month we’ve teamed up with Elite Physique Fitness; a dynamic Transformation Centre based in the North East for an exclusive competition celebrating our 5th Birthday!

The prize of course is a £100 voucher to use at B Sunglasses and one month of unlimited personal training sessions and boot-camps at the Newcastle and Cramlington branches of Elite. However, we wanted to share with our readers just what Elite has to offer! We interviewed founding  trainer Paul Alexander who opened Elite back in 2012. Elite has become nothing but a success story in the North East and we were curious to find out why! Here’s what we discovered…




How did you get involved in personal training and what about it inspired you to open Elite?

Paul: I’ve always had a passion for fitness from a young age. I’ve ran for the county and was always keen to try anything fitness related. In my spare time I used to train close friends to help them achieve their health and fitness goals and it got them some great results. I knew from that day forward that this was the career for me. I wanted to change as many peoples health and fitness habits for the better.

How would you describe Elite to someone who had never heard of it?

Paul: We are unlike ANY other gym/studio in the North East. We don’t just provide the training and healthy eating programs, we provide TRANSFORMATIONS! We have literally transformed thousands of clients’ [bodies] in the North East and have the photos to prove it. We do this in a FUN environment which is so important. You have to enjoy the process to get the results we do. We call our clients our “walking billboards’.

What services do you offer at Elite?

Paul: We provide a number of programs for all body types. All of these are based around giving the people what [body] they want;  a transformation. We are now famous for our ‘Six Week Challenge’. This is the only program in the North East that – once you’ve made the transformation –  its FREE! We do this to get Before-and-After pictures to show everyone that we are the ONLY place to completely transform your body. You win, we win! As you can imagine, it’s pretty popular!




How did you come up with some of the more extreme routines at Elite?…. More specifically, the ones involving tractor tyres and sledgehammers!

Paul: I’m extremely open minded when it comes to exercise; you have to be. Again, we try and make things FUN and INTERESTING. Using cool things like tyres and sledgehammers keeps the client guessing as to what we will come up with next. I also do a lot of my training in California and always get some great ideas whilst I’m over there. You’ve always got to keep things fresh and learn from the best.

How do you keep things interesting each week?

Paul: Clients really don’t know what to expect when they come in for their sessions. We have clients that have trained with us for over four years and they still say they’ve never repeated one session twice! We also hold monthly training events to keep things fun. Our latest event is  the‘Nineties Neon Workout!”. Glow sticks, whistles, face paint and live DJ! Again, we like to have fun while giving those clients what they want; a full body transformation!



What results have you achieved with your clientele and what’s the best feedback you’ve ever received?

Paul: We literally have THOUSANDS of documented Before-and-After pictures! We have a guy who lost 52 lbs in  just six weeks; we also have a lady who lost 91 lbs while training here. It’s literally life changing for these people. We have guys with pot bellies who’ve since achieved six-packs and clients who have dropped numerous dress sizes and jeans sizes. However, everyone has different goals. No one is the same. The feedback we get is what drives us to reach out to more and more people as we know what works and what doesn’t. When a client gets emotional and tells you that you’ve ‘changed their life forever’ you know you’ve done something good! That’s the best feedback you can ever get!

How do YOU get ‘Beach Ready’ i.e. how do you train outside of work?

Paul: I’m always beach body ready!!! As for my training, I like to build it into my life as much as possible. I cycle to and from work everyday. I lift weights 4 x per week and play football once a week.

What are the most important things people who are looking to get fit should keep in mind?

Paul: It’s all about balance. I like to look at training like a tripod.
1. You have your actual training – you have to follow a proven program
2. You have your nutrition – you can train as much as you want, but if you over eat and/or eat the wrong things, it’s not going too work
3. Lastly you have your rest days for muscles  to recover and grow.
If you neglect 1 of these 3 things the tripod will fall over and you won’t reach your goals. They are all as important as each other.




What is your top advice for maintaining a healthy eating plan?

Paul: Be realistic. Small, positive changes to your eating over a long period of time make a big difference to your body shape. Be consistent. If you have a bad day with your eating, don’t give in. Get back on it the next day!!!

What is your favorite healthy meal to indulge in pre or post workout?

Paul: Easy. Steak, sweet potato wedges and asparagus.

What would be your advice to someone who had never trained before and wanted to get Beach Ready for the summer with Elite?

Paul: The first thing is, you’ve got to want to make a change. Once you’ve made that decision, take action. We train ALL kinds of clients, ALL with various goals. We aren’t your normal fitness studio; we don’t even like to call ourselves a “gym”. We know all our 800 clients by first name; you’re not just a number, you’re an individual at Elite Physique Transformation Centre. We’re pretty good at this transformation business, so don’t hesitate, get in touch and create the “new you!”

Which pair of sunglasses will you be wearing this summer?

I’m always an Aviator sunglasses man. Classics!